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5. Our policies and procedures

The following is a list of the University's current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering services and responsibilities.

5.1 Policies and procedures for conducting university business

Details of many appropriate procedures are available in Class 3 - what our priorities are and how we are doing. Some supplementary procedures are listed below:

5.2 Procedures and policies relating to academic services

Details of relevant procedures are included in Class 2 - what we spend and how we spend it e.g. external review and academic quality & standards documents.

5.3 Procedures and policies relating to student services

5.4 Procedures and policies relating to human resources

5.5 Procedures and policies relating to recruitment

5.6 Code of Conduct for members of governing bodies

5.7 Equality & Diversity

It is the aim of the University, ultimately, to include equality statements in all of its policies rather than to have separate equality policies. Our Equality and Diversity web pages list the current policies and procedures relating to equality matters.

5.8 Health and Safety

5.9 Estate management

5.10 Complaints procedures

5.11 Records management and personal data policies

5.12 Research policy and strategy

5.13 Charging regimes and policies