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Whether you are a student here already or are thinking of applying, here are some of the support and advice services we offer to make your University experience as smooth as possible:

  • Confidential advice from disability professionals
  • Advice on funding to cover disability-related support costs (including disabled students' allowances)
  • Discussion and agreement on appropriate reasonable adjustments
  • Associated University services and facilities
  • Arranging note-taking, mentoring and other academic support services
  • Specialist study skills tuition and assistive technology training
  • Screening for suspected Specific Learning Difficulties

Take a look at the information below, which offers some helpful guidance and information. Alternatively you can get in touch with us to find out more.

Getting started with disability advice pdf 165kb

How do I inform the University of my disability? What advice and funding is available? What should I do before I arrive? Your questions answered.


Information for Disabled Applicants pdf 161kb

What reasonable adjustments are available? Is there accessible accommodation and parking? Find out more about the support we can offer you.

DescriptionFile Size
Extract from Examinations and Assessment Regulations PDF 85KB
HLF Application Form (for completion by hand) PDF 73KB
HLF Application Form (for completion on computer) Word 37KB
Information for Disabled Applicants PDF 83KB
Information Sheet - Medical Evidence Requirements PDF 159KB
Information Sheet - Sources of Assessment for SpLD PDF 190KB
Information Sheet - Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) Evidence Requirements PDF 87KB
Information Sheet - Use of DSA General Allowances (SFE) PDF 197KB
Information Sheet - Use of DSA General Allowances (NHS) PDF 279KB
On-campus Assistive Technology Support for Learning PDF 55KB
Specialist Tuition DNA Policy (Jan 2010) PDF 72KB