Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre

Information for staff

Communication of specific support needs of individual students

There are two routes to reports detailing disclosed disability and support details for individual students:

Discoverer report 1157 Disability support details by unit

Designed for use by academic staff and provides valuable planning information for unit co-ordinators and tutors regarding the overall disability support requirements associated with the units they will be delivering. All staff who have not yet taken steps to access the facility are recommended to do so at the earliest possible opportunity.

Jupiter Disability Reports 0330

Information for staff pdf 110kb

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Guidelines For Unit Coordinators And Tutors

These documents are intended to provide general information and advice on the difficulties likely to be experienced by disabled students and to the possible ways in which tutors and lecturers can help to minimise the impact of such difficulties on their studies.

The guidelines address various disabilities under the following headings – Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Asperger Syndrome, Unseen Conditions, Hearing Impairment and Visual Impairment. There are also guidelines relating to the production of accessible PowerPoint and Word documents that can be readily accessed through screen magnification and text to speech assistive software.

DescriptionFile Size
Guidelines for Unit-Coordinators - Dyslexia PDF 87KB
Guidelines for Unit-Coordinators - Dyspraxia PDF 78KB
Guidelines for Unit-Coordinators - Autistic Spectrum Condition PDF 112KB
Guidelines for Unit-Coordinators - Unseen Conditions PDF 81KB
Guidelines for Unit-Coordinators - Hearing Impairment PDF 100KB
Guidelines for Unit-Coordinators - Visual Impairment PDF 34KB
Guidelines for Unit-Coordinators - Accessible Power Point Presentations PDF 72KB
Guidelines for Unit-Coordinators - Accessible Word Documents PDF 301KB
Guidelines for Unit- Coordinators- What's the agreed protocol for students recording lectures PDF 197KB
Guidelines for Exams - Exams Support Providers PDF 79KB
Guidelines for Exams - Breaks PDF 60KB
Guidelines for Exams - Assistive Software (General Guidance) PDF 87KB
Guidelines for Exams - Assistive Software (Configuring Dragon) PDF 395KB
Guidelines for Staff - Student Mental Health PDF 162KB
Mental Health Policy (Students) PDF 288KB