Volunteering Opportunities

There are so many benefits to volunteering including the ability to learn new skills, helping a current student and the great feeling of giving something back to your university.

Recruitment events

Time commitment: 3-7 hours

As an alumnus of the University of Portsmouth you could play a key part in supporting us to recruit new students through attendance at one of our Open Days or Applicant Open Days. You have first-hand experience of the University from your time as a student and also a wealth of knowledge and experience from your life since graduation. This could be extremely valuable in helping prospective students in making difficult decisions. There is a variety of different roles available from manning an alumni stand or giving a talk, to chatting informally to prospective students and their parents or taking part in panel question and answer sessions.

Skills: good communicator, friendly, approachable, flexible.

Industry talks

Time commitment: 1-3 hours

Many of our alumni have gone on to build very successful careers and hearing from you can bring a different dimension to the learning that our students experience. Many students are unaware of the variety of options available to them after they graduate and really appreciate hearing real life stories from people who were once in the very same position. Industry talks can take a variety of different formats and can cover anything from your current role, career path, real-world experiences or advice on how to get into a specific industry.

Skills: clear speaker, confident, friendly, approachable.

Placements / interactive placement events

Time commitment: variable long-term or short-term

Many University of Portsmouth courses offer students the opportunity to undertake a work placement as part of their study. As well as providing students with the opportunity to explore the world of work, a placement also benefits employers by offering them a chance to take on fresh, intelligent and enthusiastic young people. Our students have a high level of skill, passion and flexibility, and can offer applied and current knowledge from their studies, resourcefulness and enthusiasm.

A wide range of organisations are able to participate in our placement programme, from both the public and private sector and varying in size from large multinational companies to SMEs. Whatever the type or size of the business, we have students to suit. Our alumni form a vital link between the University and the company they work in by providing contacts and introductions.

Skills: in employment or in a voluntary role, committed, flexible.


Time commitment: variable long-term or short-term

E-mentoring is a fantastic way to help students and fellow alumni to improve their skills, experience and confidence without having to leave your home or office. You will benefit from improving your own skills and mentoring will look great on your CV as well as the students. Mentoring can take many forms from simple CV checking or mock interviews to advice via email or regular virtual meetings via skype.

Using Portsmouth LinkUP, you remain in full control of your own mentoring profile and can choose the level of support you are willing to provide, how regularly, by which methods you are happy to be contacted and how many mentees you are willing to have at any one time. You can also accept or reject mentee requests depending on their suitability or your availability.

Skills: committed, friendly, knowledgeable, confident.

Work experience / shadowing

Time commitment: 1 day – 1 week

If you are in a position to offer short-term shadowing or work experience opportunities in your organisation we would love to hear from you. Experiences of real working environments are invaluable to our students in preparing them for life after they leave the University. These opportunities can vary in length from one day to a full week and as such require some level of commitment from both you and your organisation, but they can be hugely beneficial as our students can offer a new, fresh perspective.

Skills: in employment or in a voluntary role, committed, flexible.

Case study / alumni profile

Time commitment: 30 minutes - 1 hour

The success of our alumni is one of the key selling points of the University of Portsmouth and we are keen to hear from anyone who is willing to provide a short profile about their career, life since leaving university or experience. Alumni profiles can take many forms including posters, videos and web-based case studies. These profiles are used to inspire and motivate current and prospective students and to highlight the talent that the University helps to foster.

Skills: confident, flexible, written communication / confident on video.

Success stories / interesting news stories

Time commitment: 1–2 hours

Do you have an interesting story that we could feature in our magazine or email communications? This could be based on your career success, family connections, meeting lifelong friends or your spouse at Portsmouth, or simply an unusual experience that you have had since leaving university. Also, if you have arranged a reunion or similar event we would love to hear from you.

Skills: written communication, engaging.

Venue or hospitality facilitator

Time commitment: variable short-term

Do you work in an interesting location or have access to a unique venue? We are always looking for new and engaging places to hold our events, ideally in city locations across the country. These events could be for all of our alumni or allow for student-alumni interaction focused on a specific course or career area.

Skills: access to venue.

You can now register your interest for the above opportunities on the University of Portsmouth's new platform, Portsmouth LinkUP, which allows you to e-mentor, e-network and connect with alumni across the world working in a number of different industries.