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Applying through UCAS Extra

Get a decision on your Portsmouth application within one week

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You might be able to use UCAS Extra to apply to us if you’ve used all five choices on your UCAS application.

UCAS Extra is useful if you’ve changed your mind since you submitted your UCAS application or you didn’t get the offers you wanted.

But, it’s not available to everyone. To use it you must have:

  • Used all five choices on your UCAS application
  • Received a decision for all five choices
  • Declined all offers

If you can't access UCAS Extra, you can still apply to us directly or use the UCAS Apply service.

Using UCAS Extra

If UCAS Extra is available to you, it will show when you track your application on the UCAS website. It's available from 25 February to 4 July. It's free to use.

You can browse courses on our website. Or search for courses using the UCAS search tool.

Some of our courses fill up before Extra begins. But, like most universities, we still have some spaces on many of our courses.

Bear in mind you can only apply for one course at a time with UCAS Extra.

Get a decision within 7 days

When you apply through UCAS, universities and colleges don’t have to give you a decision until 16 July.

However, when you apply to the University of Portsmouth with UCAS Extra, we’ll give you a decision on your application within seven days. So you know where you stand early on.

Get help with your application

Other ways to apply to us

Applying with UCAS Apply

If you haven’t submitted a UCAS application yet, or you haven’t used all five choices on your application, you can still use the UCAS Apply service.

UCAS may charge you for this, depending on how many courses you applied for before and whether you’ve already submitted an application.

Applying to us directly

You can apply directly to us online for free.

Choose a course and then complete the online form. We’ll get back to you with a decision within seven days.

Why study at Portsmouth?

Portsmouth is one of the UK’s top 40 universities and our student satisfaction rate is higher than the national average – 88% of our students are satisfied with their course. In the 2017 National Student Survey (NSS), 19 of our courses achieved 100% satisfaction.

There's a huge range of student accommodation options at Portsmouth too. Most halls are within a few minutes' walk of the main campus. Plus, you're guaranteed a room in halls when you apply through Extra or make us your firm choice (as long as you meet accommodation deadlines).

Getting help with your application

We can help you find a suitable course and guide you through the application process. We can also arrange for you to speak with lecturers and other key staff and visit the campus.

Complete the form below and we’ll get back to you. Or call our Admissions Team on +44 (0)23 9284 5566 (we're available 8.30am-5.15pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am-4.15pm on Fridays).