Business Services


Define the path to future growth with sound business analysis.

We offer a wide range of analysis services for business. Whether you need to analyse external markets, need help with complex data sets, or supply chain analysis, we can bring new knowledge and perspectives to your operations. 

Acquire the competitive edge by engaging our Business School. We can assist in shaping the development of new products and services within UK industry, helping your business transform its strategy, management and productivity. Our capabilities in market research will help you attract your target audience, getting them to buy more from you.

We have a dedicated team who can create value for your business through:

  • Internal and external-facing business analysis

  • Economic analysis

  • Sector and industry studies

  • Policy impact analysis

  • Quality market research

  • Organisation and human resources analysis

The University can also offer analysis in the following areas:

  • Mathematical analysis of large or complex data sets
  • Logistical and supply chain process analysis