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See here for a complete list of all our current leaflets and guides.

Please note that further resources are available for reference and take away from the Careers and Employability centre!

CVs And Application Forms

In this section, you can find some useful content to help make sure your CV is accurate and well-written. Check out our CV examples and CV checklist to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

You will also find some useful information on how to fill out an application form in a way that really sells you as a valuable and desired employee.  

Interviews And Assessment Centres

Check out our guides to interviews and read our online advice on assessment centres and aptitude tests. If you have an interview coming up, make sure to use these guides and resources to give yourself an edge against the competition.

You may also want to use our mock interview service to fully prepare! ‌

Volunteering And Work Experience

Volunteering and placements can be an excellent way to boost your CV prior to landing a graduate job.

If you can show you have relevant and useful experience, an employer is more likely to consider your application instead of one that has no relevant experience. 

Part Time Work

Are you looking for some part time work to boost your income while studying? Or perhaps you want to improve your experience during your studies?

We have a range of resources in our Part-time Jobs section including example CV templates and video tips.

Graduate Opportunities

Some courses and degrees lend themselves well to general roles, while others are more focused on getting into a directly relevant sector.  You can find further information in our Career Planning and Jobs and Work Experience section.

These resources should help you identify the best way in to the sector you want to pursue, as well as provide you with support to get into them!

  • Careers guides covering a wide range of sectors including Accountancy, Biology, Computing, Engineering, Media and many more

Further Studies

If you wish to continue your studies at Portsmouth, there are many opportunities available. See these resources for information on postgraduate and doctorate studies.