Getting into your chosen sector

We have a range of resources to help you research different sectors or occupational areas. If you are undecided about your career plans, you might want to look at a number of different career areas.

Take a look at our Career Guides to get a good idea of what routes you could take and what skills are needed, or research individual roles in the Job Roles section.

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Accountancy and Finance NEW‌ Advertising, Marketing and PR NEW‌ Architecture NEW

Art and Illustration NEW‌ Business and Management ‌ Charity and Nonprofit NEW

Children and Young People NEW‌ Civil Engineering and Construction NEW‌ Computer Games Technology NEW

Computing and I.T. NEW‌ Criminal Justice NEW‌ Cyber Security NEW

Digital Media NEW‌ ‌Engineering and Manufacturing NEW‌ Entertainment Technology NEW‌ 

Environment NEW‌ Fashion NEW‌ Film NEW‌ 

Geology‌ Graphic Design NEW‌ Hospitality and Tourism NEW‌ 

Interior Design NEW‌ Journalism and Publishing NEW‌ Languages NEW‌ 

Law NEW‌ Maths NEW‌‌‌ ‌Media NEW‌ ‌

Music NEW‌ Petroleum Engineering NEW Photography NEW

Product Design NEW‌ Psychology‌ Public Sector NEW‌ 

Recruitment and HR NEW‌ Retail NEW‌ Sales NEW‌ 

Scientific Research and Analysis NEW‌ Sport and Leisure NEW‌ Teaching NEW‌ 

Theatre and Performance NEW‌ ‌Transport and Logistics NEW‌ TV and Radio Broadcasting NEW‌ 

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The Prospects website provides a wide-range of profiles that make an ideal starting point to learn more about graduate roles in various sectors.

This includes what kind of work is expected of you, any entry requirements and where you can find jobs advertised. 

You can browse all jobs by using the A-Z listing of approximately 400 profiles or search by job category.


The National Careers Service website provides a broad-range of job role profiles for you to explore.  Find information on over 750 job roles and find out about the skills and qualifications required, what the work would be like and career prospects.

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