How to Buy An Interview Outfit For Under 15 Pounds

Posted on: 04 Oct 2017

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Great news - after spending hours pouring over the job application making sure every meticulous detail is perfect, you’ve been offered an interview!

Here’s your big chance to impress, land yourself a graduate job, and start hacking away at that overdraft.

But if you are lacking an outfit of interview standard, having no income and limited funds for a wardrobe replenish can appear to be a painfully ironic barrier between you and the job.

So, in the name of research we went shopping. We made it our mission to prove that looking interview ready doesn’t need to break the bank, and we chose a stalwart of the highstreet to help us: the humble charity shop.

If you’ve never bought from a charity shop before you may be skeptical of their ability to deliver the goods when it comes to workplace attire, but you would be surprised at what a little digging can turn up. 




So Luke’s final outfit (suit/shirt/tie) cost £12.50, and Bex’s (dress/cardigan/shoes) came to a grand total of £11.00 - Not too bad at all!

Suited and Booted

Whilst it’s true that you can pick up some basic smart dress pretty cheaply from a number of highstreet chains, you’ll struggle to get anything quite this cheap!

As well as the cost factor, you can actually find some very good quality clothing from charity shops at a fraction of their original price, and avoid the cheaply made products of discount retailers.

But on top of all these benefits for you, supporting charity shops has some far reaching positive effects too.

You’re re-using perfectly good products, reducing waste and the environmental impact of clothing manufacturing and distribution, and your money is going to a good cause; everyone’s a winner.