5 Reasons to get a Part-time Job at Uni

Posted on: 04 Sep 2018


Essays, lectures, friends, sports, societies, going out…there’s a lot to occupy your mind at Uni. Of course right up there in importance (but one we might try not to think about so much) is money.

Problem is, from the first day you rock up at halls, there’s no avoiding it. From the dizzying highs of that first student loan payment flashing-up in your account to the very quick realisation that it’ll be a while until the next one comes in, money will be a prime concern to juggle alongside all the others.

So what’s the best way to solve the money issue? Getting a job is the obvious answer, in fact two thirds of all full-time students now work alongside their study. But there are a number of reasons why it’s worth getting a part-time job and it’s not all about the money...


OK, despite what we just said, money will still most likely be the motivating factor behind looking for work. With the maintenance loan now not really covering the cost of living, for many it’s essential. What’s more, Portsmouth students are pretty good at it.

On average you guys work 25 percent more hours per term than the national average. Having a job can be the difference between noodles again or a proper meal, going out or staying in, or being able to fund a sporting activity or staying at home bored.

Gain crucial experience

A sure fire way to make things difficult for yourself when you graduate is to dive headfirst into the jobs market with no experience. But it’s not just career-related voluntary work that employers will be looking for.

Value will also be put onto any kind of work experience. A part-time job at Tesco will show a graduate employer that you have all-important transferable skills like team-work, communication skills, professionalism and working under pressure.

You could even progress within work during your time at Uni providing options and potential contacts that will assist your career once you’ve graduated, plus work means professional references.

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Meet new people

Working can open up new areas for you, both geographically and personally. It’s a great chance to get to know the area outside of the Uni bubble and meet a new group of people.

Work can uncover opportunities and provide experiences that you won’t encounter purely through study and drinking.

Avoid boredom

Although it might seem like it at first, but lectures and going out won’t fill-up all of your time at Uni, particularly in first year.

You don’t want to be bored, this should be an exciting time and boredom can sometimes lead to homesickness (something a third of students suffer from at some point). A job won’t just bring money and experience but will keep you active and busy.

It’s easy!

As we already mentioned, Portsmouth students are officially among the best in the country at finding work. Employers like hiring students. They know they will get consistent commitment and a desire to work hours other employees won’t.

OK, it’s not like you can just walk into any part-time job you want, you’ll still have to apply and interview (well). But opportunities are plentiful and varied and can be found on your MyCareer account, something all Portsmouth students have access to.