Guest Article: Why Work At A Startup?

Posted on: 05 Dec 2016

In the latest of our series of guest articles, we hear from staff at ClickMechanic about the benefits of working at a startup company rather than a larger established business...

Hi, we’re ClickMechanic, an online marketplace for car repair that’s been running since 2012. We wanted to share with you what it’s really like to work in a startup, as it’s often overlooked when people are considering their career options on graduating.

Without further ado, here are three reasons we think you should consider working in a startup (and one why you shouldn’t):

1. Your work will have a real impact

As part of a small team, you’ll make up a large proportion of the business – often being the only person responsible for an area.

This means that what you do matters, not only can you see the results of your efforts, but you have a chance to shape the future of the company.

This sits in contrast to working at a bank which may have 100,000 employees. 


2. The ability to work flexibly

Unlike a corporate environment where you need to be at your desk from 9-5, startups tend to be more focused on getting your stuff done than being at your desk.

This means we’re more flexible with our working hours. This can be a saving grace if you’re not a morning person and would prefer to work late!

Oh, and don’t worry about going suit shopping, you’ll rarely find a dress code in a startup’s office. 

3. You’ll learn new skills

Working in a startup is a great place to start you career. Since you’ll be tasked with whatever needs doing rather than whatever fits your job title, you’ll gain a wide range of skills.

This will prepare you well for whatever you want to do later in life. The variety also stops the work from being dull – you may be combing through spreadsheets one day and doing a photoshoot the next.

Alongside that, you’ll work closely with the founders, and you’ll learn both by osmosis and their mentorship, whilst you’d be lucky to get a few seconds in the lift with corporate senior executives. 


But…don’t expect it to be glamorous.

We won’t pretend to dress it up, working in a startup is hard! You’ll be trying to achieve a huge vision in a fraction of the time in which it’s humanly possible!

Being able to prioritise your work is key, but some late nights to finish a project are inevitable.

Don’t expect to receive the wild perks you hear about either; these tend to be the exception not the rule.

Instead you’ll have to make do with sitting back with some free beer on a Friday evening and feeling proud of what you’ve done in the week.