Vacancy sources

Use the following information as a guide to start your search for job vacancies:

  • MyPurpleDoor - Featuring a jobsboard with over 5800+ vacancies posted each year.
  • Graduate vacancies – There are many national employers who advertise their graduate vacancies online; details of the opportunities available and how to apply are available on their websites.
  • Careers and Employability Service Career Guides - A series of sector specific guides produced to provide you with the key starting points to help you find out more about the industry and the opportunities available.  
  • Professional Journals – There are specialist magazines / jobsites for almost every career area that may interest you. Use the job profiles on the Graduate Prospects website to identify where to look for the jobs that interest you.
  • Graduate Recruitment Consultancy – Our in-house recruitment service for students and graduates of the University of Portsmouth. In order to use this service, you will need to complete a short online registration form.  
  • Recruitment agencies – Recruitment agencies are increasingly important when it comes to looking for jobs. Agencies will often specialise in the job roles or locations they work in. To find recruitment agencies and jobsites related to your area of interest look at Agency Central or REC

Finding your own jobs

Research shows that about 80% of jobs are never advertised. By using your initiative you may be able to hunt out opportunities that are not widely advertised. Start by using any relevant contacts you may have. Then research companies and organisations in the sector or locality that interests you. Use online business directories such as Yell to identify target organisations. Local business directories are also useful, for example the Hampshire Business Directory, available online in Purple Door. After researching the company you can send a targeted CV and covering letter to find out if they have any suitable jobs.

Application Help

Our services, help and support is open to University of Portsmouth students and graduates (for 5 years after graduation). For further advice on all stages of the application process including CV writing, covering letters, applications and interviews visit our Careers Advice section.

Further advice and information