Part-time Jobs

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‌‌Here at the Careers and Employability Service, we want to give you a full understanding of what you need to do to get a part-time job during your studies. 

Working part-time will help you gain valuable work experience and start to develop the skills that employers are looking for for your graduate career.

However, we would always recommend that you check your timetable for your university activities before organising your part-time hours. 

Come in to the Career and Employabily Centre for advice on finding a great role on MyCareer, clarify details and regulations around Part-time work as well as help you write a clear CV targeted for Part-time work. 

We operate this as a drop-in service, so there is no need to book and we can help you right there and then!

Areas we will cover include:

Writing a CV for PT Work

Whether you have a lot of experience in part-time work already, or are looking to get your first part-time job, we can help you!

Our experienced advisers will help you shape your CV, examine your skill-set and make you an attractive prospect for a potential employer.

Bring a copy of your CV if you have one, or just take notes in a friendly group setting. 

See below for an example CV with helpful tips on what to focus on. 


Example CV for Part-time Work

We will also introduce you to your main resource for all types of work - MyCareer. As a student at the University of Portsmouth, you get automatic access to this free service!

We will show you how to set up your profile to get daily or weekly alerts for the types of jobs you want.

You can also use MyCareer to check your careers appointment notes, get notified of great careers events and find volunteering and graduate roles.

For more information on how to use MyCareer, please see here.

Not sure where to find part-time work in the local area? Check out our video guide of some of Portsmouth's hotspots, all within walking distance of the city centre campus!

Getting a part-time job at Uni can be a great way to boost your bank balance and your employability skills. Unfortunately however, some University of Portsmouth students have been the victim of fraudulent job offers and have been left out of pocket by scammers. We've been working with PC Mark Walsh from the Hampshire Constabulary, who shares his advice on what to be wary of and how to stay safe when job hunting.

National Insurance

There can be a number of confusing details about part-time work, especially for non-UK students. 

Non UK students will need to get a National Insurance Number (NINo) before being offered a job as employers require you to have the NI number. 

To apply for your national insurance number telephone 0800 141 2075. Please be aware that you may be required to attend an interview in Southampton.    

We can also go over some other useful information, like your maximum working hours. 

You can also check out our video guide on looking for part-time work as a non-UK student.