Who we are

Head of Careers and Employability Service

Julia Hughes 


Guy Townsin - Careers Manager

Jacqui Adams – Careers Adviser responsible for the Faculty of Business and Law
Paul Barnes – Careers Adviser responsible for the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries
Kelly Biggs – Careers Adviser responsible for the Faculty of Technology
Liz Holford – Careers Adviser responsible for the Faculty of Science
Alexandra Hemingway – Careers Adviser responsible for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Janet Woolnough - Career Adviser responsible for the Faculty of Business and Law


Julie Bush - Information Manager
Debbie Fellows - Information Manager

Hayley Bell - Information and Employment Adviser
Lucy Cotton - Information Assistant
Luke Hahn - Information and Employment Adviser
Tanya James - Information and Employment Adviser
Lorna McCabe - Information and Employment Adviser
Christine McCann - UKVI Student Employment Support Officer
Rencia Mitchell - Information and Employment Adviser
Claudia Newiss - Information and Employment Adviser
Clare Pitkin - Information and Employment Adviser
Angus Rosier - Communications Assistant
Helen Seager - Information Assistant

Recruitment and Volunteering

Jane Howe - Student and Graduate Opportunities Manager

Richard Bateman - Graduate Recruitment Consultant
Vicky Cozens - Graduate Recruitment Consultant
Christine Firkins - Events Co-ordinator
Courteney Gudgeon - Information and Employment Adviser (Volunteering)
Sally Nicolson – Employer Engagement Officer
Jodie Plumridge - Employer Engagement Adviser
Anna Randall - Graduate Recruitment Consultant
Rachel Stone - Volunteering and Community Engagement Officer


Lynda Povey - Enterprise Adviser
Eilish Gorse - Curriculum Adviser
Rebecca Kelsey – Enterprise Events Co-ordinator
Russell Weeks - Enterprise Assistant

Graduate Destinations

Paul Spendlove – Graduate Destinations Officer

Departmental Administration

Annette Giles – Departmental Administrator
Debbie Birch – Departmental Administrator