Careers Advice

Specialist careers advice is central to raising employability reflected in the Curriculums' requirement that all courses integrate career management skills into their programmes.

It’s a process we can support by developing students’:

  • Self-awareness to recognise what they want from a career and what they have to offer. 
  • Opportunity awareness to identify the options open to them and understand how to research the knowledge, skills and experience required in the marketplace
  • Decision-making to critically evaluate options and to plan ways of achieving career goals. And be able to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Transition skills: to reflect on their skills, knowledge and experience and are able to put plans into action by presenting themselves effectively on paper and in person.

Our information team offer a tailored, 1:1 drop-in service to every student, giving initial careers information and advice . The careers team build on this work by providing personal careers guidance. Students can get advice by dropping-in, booking an appointment either face-to-face or over telephone, via e-guidance or attending one of our career-related events and presentations.  

Purple Door has a collection of general and specialist career guides and resources available at all times. The My Purple Door online system allows students to manage their job search, employability event attendance and queries.

Our faculty-linked Careers Advisers and the Information and Employment Advisers work closely with course teams and students on a range of careers related issues. As well as providing careers advice and guidance, they also contribute to employability-related curriculum delivery and development working alongside the curriculum adviser. 

Faculty careers advisers

  • Careers Manager: Guy Townsin (Ext 2691)
  • Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries: Paul Barnes (Ext 2689)
  • Faculty of Humanities: Alexandra Hemingway  (Ext 2599)
  • Faculty of Science: Liz Holford (Ext 2687)
  • Faculty of Technology: Kelly Biggs (Ext 2668)
  • Portsmouth Business School: Jacqui Adams (Ext 3778)
  • Personal, Academic and Career Development in Higher Education SOARing to Success, Arti Kumar, Routledge, Taylor and Francis, 2008.
  • My Purple Door - The University's online careers platform providing students and graduates with access to opportunities, employability events and eguidance