Jobs and Work experience

As employability is about getting the right employment and improving student opportunities, we support students locating and applying for jobs and further study. The professional recruitment service in Purple Door promotes employers and their vacancies to students. Our contacts with local, regional and national organisations and individuals provide opportunities for students at all stages in their studies to meet employers and/or undertake rewarding voluntary work and mentoring schemes with organisations and social enterprises in the area.

We strongly advocate work experience and placements as they contribute significantly to employability development, and we work with the Faculty Placement Offices to support students in seeking and applying for suitable positions. We also promote local part-time jobs as students can use this work to develop and evidence important employability skills.

Graduate Jobs 

Purple Door works in collaboration with local and national businesses providing employers with opporutnities to raise their profile by advertising vacancies, using the services of our in-house recruitment consultancy and taking part in recruitment events.   Students and graduates can access the My Purple Door Jobsboard to search and apply for opportunities, register with our Purple Door Recruitment team and meet employers face to face at a wide range of on campus events.


Employability skills can be acquired in any context, so we encourage students to put their spare time to best use by volunteering.

Our Volunteering team works with students who have the commitment and skills to make a difference to local communities, and the insight to recognise the employability rewards which they as volunteers accrue.

Students of all ages and backgrounds are currently working with organisations and groups on a range of programmes. In doing so, they are developing important employability skills and attitudes which employers want. 

We maintain a volunteer bank with at least 170 roles being advertised on-line at any one time during the first and second semesters and have volunteers working with 85 different organisations.

A Volunteering Fair is held in October.

Examples of recent projects include

  • British Red Cross - Fire and Emergency Support Volunteer
  • Citizens Advice Bureaux - Adviser and Assessor, Social Policy Coordinator
  • Cumberland Natural History Museum - Museum Guide
  • Workers Education Association -  Class Volunteer
  • Waterways Recovery Group - Construction
  • The Roberts Centre - Nursery Volunteer; Recruitment Administrator
  • Kings Theatre -  Marketing Assistant, Finance Assistant, Photographer
  • Portsmouth City Council –WW1 Project - Media Masters, Web Wizards, Story Gatherers
  • Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance - Public relations

Contacting us

Many of our staff work in teams aligned to one of the faculties, while others offer support and services across all five faculties. See below for information on who your best contact may be. 

Faculty Teams

Careers Adviser: Alexandra Hemingway (Ext 2599)
Information and Employment Adviser: Tanya Grayston-James or Julie Bush (Ext 6692)
Recruitment Consultancy Adviser: Rebecca Fletcher (Ext 3776) 
Curriculum Adviser: Lindsay Macadam (Ext 6221)
Enterprise Adviser: Lynda Povey (Ext 3547)

Careers Adviser: Liz Holford (Ext 2687)
Information and Employment Adviser: Claudia Newiss (Ext 2769)
Recruitment Consultancy Adviser: Vicky Page (Ext 4735)
Curriculum Adviser: Lindsay Macadam (Ext 6221)
Enterprise Adviser: Lynda Povey (Ext 3547)

Careers Adviser: Kelly Biggs (Ext 2668)
Information and Employment Adviser: Kelly Cumming (Ext 2692)
Recruitment Consultancy Adviser: Rebecca Fletcher (Ext 3776)
Curriculum Adviser: Lindsay Macadam (Ext 6221)
Enterprise Adviser: Lynda Povey (Ext 3547)

Business School
Careers Adviser: Jacqui Adams (Ext 3778)
Information and Employment Adviser: Hayley Bell or Clare Pitkin (Ext 2770)
Recruitment Consultancy Adviser: Harry Abbott (Ext 2685) 
Curriculum Adviser: Lindsay Macadam (Ext 6221)
Enterprise Adviser: Lynda Povey (Ext 3547)

Careers Adviser: Paul Barnes (Ext 2689)
Information and Employment Adviser: Sheena Sanders (Ext 2695)
Recruitment Consultancy Adviser:  Vicky Page (Ext 4735)
Curriculum Adviser: Lindsay Macadam (Ext 6221)
Enterprise Adviser: Lynda Povey (Ext 3547)

Cross-Faculty Teams

Careers Team: Guy Townsin (Ext 2691)

Information Team: Julie Bush (Ext 6692) and Debbie Fellows (Ext 3771)

Student Enterprise Adviser: Lynda Povey (Ext 3547)

Curriculum and co-curriculum
Volunteering Team: Jane Howe (Ext 2703)
Curriculum Adviser: Lindsay Macadam (Ext 6221)
Enterprise Adviser: Lynda Povey (Ext 3547)
PDP: Lindsay Macadam (Ext 6221)

DLHE Survey Data
DLHE Team: Guy Townsin (Ext 2691) and Paul Spendlove (Ext 2688)

Communications and Admin
Communications: Angus Rosier (Ext 3865)
Admin: Michelle Rowe (Ext 3841) or Annette Giles (Ext 2783)

Employers and Events
Employers and Events: Christine Firkins (Ext 6564 ) and Sally Nicolson (Ext 2702) 

Student Employment, Enterprise and Opportunties Manager: Anna Wood (Ext 6217)

Jane Howe (Ext 2703)