Our approach to employability

Our mission is to kick-start graduate futures and promote improved employability and entrepreneurial prospects.

Four frameworks guide our work:

  • Curriculum 2012 
  • University Employability Strategy 
  • Faculty Employability Strategies
  • QAA Guidance on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education

We approach our work in four ways:

1: Raising student awareness of options available when they leave

Students with a realistic appreciation of their progression opportunities are more employable. We offer professional careers advice, employment and recruitment services, access to actively recruiting employers, employer events, advice on job sourcing, job applications, CV writing, assessment centre preparations and interviews. Our work is designed to meet the individual needs of students.

2: Helping students get more from their studies

Students improve their employability when their studies are rich in employability and enterprise. They can accelerate, widen and re-balance their employability by doing other things alongside their academic studies. This might include working as a community volunteer, undertaking a placement, working part-time or creating their own commercial or social enterprise alongside their studies.

It’s an approach which personalises their development and adjusts it to the demands of their academic programme and personal circumstances.

3: Helping student take control of their studies and futures

Personal development planning (PDP) is a form of success coaching which encourages students to invest in their own develpment and enable themto identify thier strenghts and weaknesses. 

4: Monitoring student employability

We monitor our graduates’ employability through the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey (DLHE). Data on graduates’ destinations six months after course completion provides course teams with important course quality indicators. To find out more you can view the Graduates Destinations reports (this information is only available to staff via the intranet).