Working with your students

We are more effective if we can reach our students regularly at appropriate times in their studies and our messages is more credible if its endorsed by staff and integrated into courses. You can support your student's employability development by: 

  • encouraging staff and students to use our services
  • referring students to us for specialist career guidance and job application support and career events
  • building our services and activities into your courses 
  • promoting work experience and volunteering so students are aware of their value to employers 
  • involving us in career-related aspects of your course 
  • involving us in your employability work with employers and alumni 
  • recommending resources you would like us to develop 
  • providing feedback on our work 

Purple Door can support the development of your students’ employability through:

Careers advice

We can

  • raise awareness of employability and careers with your staff and students 
  • provide specialist careers advice to your students
  • deliver the latest career updates, news and trends
  • contribute to faculty employability events
  • improve students’ personal development planning skills (PDP)
  • develop your course content and delivery methods to develop employability 
  • promote the use of the ePortfolio as a recording tool for students’ PDP 
  • sharing best practice in employability 

Jobs and work experience

We can

  • provide free, dedicated recruitment/employment services for your students
  • support, organise and contribute to faculty employability events 
  • host career conventions and recruitment fairs for students 
  • promote engagement and meetings with local and regional employers
  • arrange volunteering opportunities for students 
  • promote and support work experience and work placements activities 
  • promote part-time work opportunities 
  • advise students on job applications and CV preparation
  • track your students’ employment successes through DLHE surveys

Start-ups & self-employment

We can

  • raise awareness of start-up and self-employment as career options
  • help create and build student businesses and social enterprises
  • promote enterprise-rich teaching methods 
  • contribute to course-based enterprise events and activities
  • share best practice in managing start-ups

The My Purple Door system promotes online services to students, including a jobsboard, e-guidance and events. We can also advertise faculty employability and enterprise events. 

We work with thousands of local, regional and national employers. If you would like an employer to attend an event, seminar, lecture or workshop please email Purple Door Recruitment

Details of how you can stay informed of developments in Purple Door are available from Jackson Davies.