Enterprise and entrepreneurship education is not just about starting-up in business (venture creation). Enterprise education is about providing the right environment, learning and development opportunities, tools and methods for students to demonstrate their ability to create new value in the world: through the creation of new products, services, social ventures or even new ways of doing that are of economic, social or cultural value. Whilst business schools privilege the importance of venture creation for entrepreneurs (the business-only context), enterprise educators like us prefer to think of the wider personal and social context – of building confident and creative young people able to take effective action.

Our broad approach to enterprise and entrepreneurship is informed by research, policy and practice from across the world and includes innovative new pedagogies, specific tools and methods, partnerships and initiatives. Additionally, we aim to understand how the University is performing in this area and the implications of this for future course development.

Over the last couple of years, we have been led by the policy guidance of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) on Enterprise and entrepreneurship education and are working towards creating an enriching ecosystem for supporting student (and perhaps staff) entrepreneurial action.

How can we help?

The Student and Graduate Enterprise team can provide:

  • Support for curriculum development and design
  • Staff development opportunities for departments, schools or Faculties
  • Event organisation and promotion for entrepreneurial learning opportunities
  • Insights on performance, best practice and policy
  • Access to our national and international educator membership-only networks
  • No-obligation, confidential clinics for students’ product, service or social or business ventures
  • Support for International Students seeking Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa status
  • Access to hot-desking and office space for students
  • Advice and guidance for International Students and graduates wishing to start-up in business 

Please note that due to visa regulations and restrictions it is imperative that International Students speak to the Student & Graduate Enterprise team before embarking on self-employment. 

If you have any questions about enterprise or entrepreneurship, simply email Enterprise or find one of us here:

Lynda Povey – Student Enterprise Adviser (Ext. 3547)

Carley Hawkins – Enterprise Events Co-Ordinator (Ext. 3543)

Lindsay Macadam – Employability & Enterprise Curriculum Adviser (Ext. 6221)

Enterprise in the Curriculum

Developing enterprising attitudes, behaviours, skills and knowledge in all students through the curriculum brings with it an employability advantage; for example,  enterprising learning produces graduates with the capacity to identify and follow-through on all sorts of opportunities, regardless of whether they work for themselves or others. 

Students can have their learning structured and assessed in enterprising ways without it compromising learning outcomes or academic standards.

These methodologies are not business-oriented: they provide generic teaching tools and styles which can be applied to any course to help develop student behaviours and attitudes that allow them to think for themselves and manage change in their lives productively.

Our enterprise and curriculum advisers will work with you to develop these approaches, and can evaluate the current standing of enterprise in your curriculum and promote teaching, learning and assessment methods to enhance it.