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Fraud and corruption hub

Fraud and Corruption Hub

Are you a counter fraud professional who wants to know the latest information in what works in countering fraud? Are you studying a fraud related course and find it difficult securing the latest research and publications relating to fraud? Do you want to keep up-to-date with the latest research and thinking in countering fraud and corruption? If your answer is yes to any of these, then the Fraud and Corruption Hub is for you.

The Fraud and Corruption Hub provides a central resource of all the major publications on fraud and corruption. This includes journal articles, restricted to those with Shibboleth accounts as well as other publicly available resources but located in one place for ease of access.

The Hub is divided into distinct areas: fraud and corruption news, fraud and corruption publication banks and fraud and corruption subjects. To illustrate the use of the latter, consider the extract from the Hub below on official definitions of fraud. It contains direct links to publicly available resources such as the Fraud Act and CPS guidance as well as articles. There are many other subjects covered.

When you click on these they link you directly to the publication or to the means to purchase it or access it if you have an appropriate Shibboleth account. In addition to this the Hub also contains information on the organisations relevant to fraud and corruption with a commentary as well as 'Fraudipedia'. The latter will develop into the encyclopaedia for the counter fraud professional. There are only a few entries at present, but this will grow. You are also welcome to submit an entry to the Advisory Board (your name will be attributed).

Enter the Fraud and Corruption Hub.