Centre for European and International Studies Research

Past seminars

17/01/2018, 4:00-5:30pm - The 1924 Pageant of Empire: Modernity, spectacle and re-imagining space

Deborah Sugg-Ryan (University of Portsmouth)

30/01/2018 - ‘The Translator’: A performance of language and intercultural research for public education and solidarity

Lou Harvey, University of Leeds

06/02/2018 - Data Justice: understanding datafication in relation to social justice

Lina Dencik, Cardiff University

14/02/2018, 3:30-5:00pm - ‘A Glass Half Full?’: Women’s history in the UK

June Purvis (University of Portsmouth)

20/02/2018 - Drivers and Regional Responses to Violent Extremism in Africa

Jide Okeke, UNDP Oslo Governance Centre / Visiting Fellow, University of Portsmouth

27/02/2018 - The Idea of Austerity in British Politics, 2003–2013

Nick Anstead, London School of Economics

14/03/2018, 3:30-5:00pm - ‘“On Her Majesty’s Ship:” Nineteenth Century Black Activism in Portsmouth

Hannah-Rose Murray (University of Nottingham)

20/03/2018 - Rival Exceptionalisms: Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire on the cusp of statehood and the “Défi de ’57”

Elisa Prosperetti, Princeton University 

27/03/2018 - Hero or Villain? Rwanda in the policy space

Ben Shepherd, Chatham House

16/05/2018, 3:30-5:00pm - Convict workers in Britain’s Imperial Dockyards

Katy Roscoe (Institute of Historical Research)


10/01/2017 - Communal Violence as Model and Process: Lahore’s Christian Minority Experience

Dr Naheem Jabbar (University of Portsmouth)

24/01/2017 - ‘It’s not a difficult concept Alanis!’: The Problems and Perceptions of Irony

Prof Paul Simpson (University of Liverpool). Read more: The Problems and Perceptions of Irony abstract

07/02/2017 - International agency in an age of nationalism: university students as protagonists of international change, 1919–1939

Daniel Lacqua (University of Newcastle) Park Building PK 3.01

21/02/2017 - German perspectives on the Battle of Normandy (1944)

Dr Simon Trew (Lecturer at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst) Milldam LE 0.06

07/03/2017 - EU Referendum Analysis: Media, Voters and the Campaign

Panel chaired by Dr Susana Sampaio-Dias (University of Portsmouth)
Panelists: Dr Dan Jackson, Dr Einar Thorsen (University of Bournemouth) and Dr James Dennis (University of Portsmouth)

21/03/2017 - Soft or Hard? What security actor has the EU become?

Dr Thierry Tardy (European Union Institute for Security Studies)

Wed 27/09/2017 - From Rating to Officer: the divided self and other struggles of promotion in the Royal Navy

Sue Diamond
Milldam LE 1.03, 3-4pm (Sociology and Social Theory Seminar)

03/10/2017 - Jon Blair CBE: from Apartheid-era political refugee to Oscar-winning filmmaker

A political journey through comedy, war, documentary and drama. Jon Blair CBE

Wed 4/10/2017 - Narrative Positioning and the Construction of Identities: making sense of physical activity in later life

Bethany Simmonds
Milldam LE 1.03, 3-5pm (Sociology and Social Theory Seminar)

17/10/2017 - European media coverage of the refugee crisis

Kerry Moore and Iñaki Garcia-Blanco, University of Cardiff

Wed 18/10/2017 - Professor Carol Dyhouse will talk about her recent widely praised book Heartthrobs: a history of women and desire (Oxford University Press)

Professor Carol Dyhouse, University of Sussex
Milldam LE 0.06, 2-4pm (Women’s and Gender Studies Seminar)

18/10/2017 - Sleepwalking to the Precipice: The failure to predict the nature of future war, 1870-1914

David Bangert (University of Portsmouth) 3:30-5:00pm, Burnaby Building 1.25

24/10/2017 - Are party supporters just like loyal football fans? An exploration of voters’ associations of partisanship

Edzia Carvalho (presenter), University of Dundee.
Co-authors: Dr. Kristi Winters (GESIS-Leibniz Institute, Cologne) and Dr. Thom Oliver (UWE Bristol)

Wed 1/11/2017 - Satisfaction, Happiness and Emotional Wellbeing in UK Higher Education

Laura Hyman
Milldam LE 1.03, 3-5pm (Sociology and Social Theory Seminar)

07/11/2017 - The power of Slacktivism? Social Media and Political Participation in Britain

James Dennis, University of Portsmouth

14/11/2017 - Predatory War: Archives, Drones and Embodiment

Kevin McSorley, University of Portsmouth

15/11/2017 - Kill all the Gentlemen!: (Mis)representing the Western Rebels of 1549

Mark Stoyle (University of Southampton) 3:30-5:00pm, Burnaby Building 1.25

Wed 15/11/2017 - What difference does the ‘L word make? Researching the ‘lesbian’ in LGBTQ histories

Rebecca Jenkins, University College London,
Milldam LE 0.06, 2-4pm (Women’s and Gender Studies Seminar)

28/11/2017 - Gender justice and social cohesion: Exploring the role of educational reforms in conflict-affected Pakistan

Naureen Durrani, Sussex University

05/12/2017 - Metropolitan clothing consumption in seventeenth-century Sussex

Danae Tankard, University of Chichester

Wed 6/12/2017 - Addressing staff-student sexual misconduct in higher education

Anna Bull, University of Portsmouth/The 1752 Group,
Milldam LE 1.03, 3-5pm (Women’s and Gender Studies Seminar)


5/01/2016- Exploring post-colonial relationships: Britain’s continuing connections with independent Kenya

Dr Poppy Cullen (University of Cambridge)

19/01/2016- Research or recycle? SED, BBC, REF, and the NSS

Dr Clive Upton (University of Leeds)

02/02/2016- Exploring ideological representations of benefit claimants in the UK media using a discourse-analytic lens

Dr Ben Clarke (University of Portsmouth)

09/02/2016 - Populism, the people and the illusion of democracy

Dr Aurelien Mondon (University of Bath)

23/02/2016 - Changing terms of legitimation: five international organizations, four decades and what it means to be a good international organization

Ms Antonia Witt (University of Frankfurt)

19/04/2016 - ‘Abandoned’, ‘Impudent’, ‘Poor’: Female Offending and Desistance in Great Yarmouth in the early 1800s

Dr Helen Rogers (Liverpool John Moores University) Milldam building LE1.03

10/05/2016 - Pakistan and Security: Class dynamics in Postcolonial Urbicide [postponed]

Dr Naheem Jabbar (University of Portsmouth) Milldam building LE1.03

27/09/2016 - Me And 'Other' Women: Intersubjectivity In Cross Cultural Feminist Research

Ms Charlotte Sefton (University of Exeter)

11/10/2016 - Theresa May And The Post-Brexit Premiership: Holy Grail Or Poisoned Chalice?

Dr Nicholas Allen (Royal Holloway, University of London)

22/11/2016 - Union Citizenship: A Pie In The Sky Or More?

Dr Viktor Kreuschitz (Judge, EU General Court)

06/12/2016 - British Federation Of University Women In The 1950s

Dr Stephanie Spencer (University of Winchester)



13/01/2015 - In Search of English: Language Across Borders

Dr. Mario Saraceni, University of Portsmouth

20/01/2015- Terrorism as 'Small Wars’: The Old Problem of Social Control in the New Security-Industrial Complex

Dr. Naheem Jabbar, University of Portsmouth

03/02/2015 - Hysteria, ‘Herstory’ and the Home Front during the Munich Crisis in Britain, 1938-9

Dr. Julie Gottlieb, University of Sheffield

10/02/2015 - Drivers of History: Fords and Fordism between Beirut and Detroit, 1918-1939

Dr. Simon Jackson, University of Birmingham

24/02/2015 - Fostering or Impeding Reform: Experts and Agricultural Policy in European IOs

Dr. Carine Germond, Maastricht University

03/03/2015 - Searching for 'truths': history textbooks in post-communist Poland

Sylvia Balgarinov, University of Portsmouth

17/03/2015 - European integration and cross-border cooperation: the example of the upper Rhine 

Dr. Birte Wassenburg, University of Strasbourg

24/03/2015 - National religion and special days of worship in the British Empire, 1793-1914

Dr. Joseph Hardwick, Northumbria University

28/04/2015 - Living Outside the Fence: Race, Place and Nation in the Vicinity of an Immigration Removal Centre

Dr. Charles Leddy-Owen, University of Portsmouth

29/09/2015 - Transformation through translation: translation policies at Amnesty International

Dr Wine Tesseur (University of Reading)

06/10/2015 - What future for France? A discussion of Emile Chabal's new book ‘A Divided Republic: nation, state and citizenship in contemporary France’

Roundtable event; Emile Chabal (Chancellor’s Fellow in History, University of Edinburgh) with Prof David Hanley, Dr Natalya Vince and Emmanuel Godin (University of Portsmouth)

20/10/2015 - Cultural Encounter with British Fascism

Prof Nigel Copsey (University of Teeside)

10/11/2015 - Development NGOs, Partnership and the Rights-based Approach: A Case Study of ActionAid and Oxfam and their Partners in Nigeria

Babatunde Olawoore (University of Portsmouth)

17/11/2015 - Red Globalism: The ‘Other' Europe, Africa and Decolonization

Prof Paul Betts (University of Oxford) - ANNUAL LECTURE

01/12/2015 - Understanding minority ethnic flight and gender from UK higher education

Prof Kalwant Bhopal (University of Southampton)

08/12/2015 - War, Experience and Embodiment

Dr Kevin McSorley (University of Portsmouth)


14/01/2014: Grammar, Lexis and the Ideology of Science

Susan Hunston, University of Birmingham

04/02/2014: Rethinking the Victorians: Myths, Media and Memory

Fern Riddell, Kings College London

11/02/2014: The Rise of Resilience: The Governance of Complexity

Professor David Chandler, University of Westminster

25/02/2014: Secular/sexual politics and Jewish and Muslim women’s religious agency

Dr Chia Longman, University of Ghent

04/03/2014: Navy, Nation and Nitrate: Maritime Films 1890-1928

Victoria Carolan

18/03/2014: ‘New men’? Profeminist political activism in 1970s and 80s Britain

Lucy Delap, Reader in Twentieth Century British History, Director of History and Policy, King’s College London

25/03/2014: What's in a subject association? What UACES (University Association for Contemporary European Studies) can tell us about higher education in the UK.

Professor Helen Drake, University of Loughborough

29/04/2014: How Languages Get Their Mojo

John Joseph, University of Edinburgh

06/05/2014: Franco-African relations beyond the Francophone fold: France, British West Africa and the creation of independent Nigeria and Ghana

Joanna Warson, University of Portsmouth

13/05/2014: What if we took autonomous recovery seriously? A decolonial study of self-determination

Olivia Rutazibwa, University of Portsmouth

20/05/2014: Fighting Santa Giuseppe: Conceptions of Democracy and Morality amongst the Post-War European Socialist Parties, 1943-48

Jan deGraaf, University of Portsmouth

18/11/2014: Awkward Partners and Good Europeans? Britain, France and the Future of the EU

David Hanley, University of Portsmouth
5.00pm, in Dennis Sciama Building, Room DS 2.14