Centre for European and International Studies Research

Rethinking Transnationalism in the Global World

Contested State, Society, Border and People in Between

7-8 September 2017
Eldon Building, University of Portsmouth, UK

With funding support from: Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange

Using Taiwan as a case study, this conference will explore transnationalism by addressing four main themes: sovereignty and statehood; infusion of idea and culture; intimacy and negotiation of identity at home; activism at grassroots level and across borders.

To underline the conflict between border and mobility, this conference presents features the very first overseas screening of See You, Loveable Strangers (再見可愛陌生人) followed by a Q&A with the co-director Tsung-lung Tsia. To explore migration as a life-long journey, this conference invites Hong Dam, a Vietnamese visual artist and author of 'Sympathy for the Dandelion' to share with the participants her experiences as a refugee moving across state and social borders several times in her journey from Vietnam via Hong Kong to the UK, as well as her participation in Vietnamese women community. To facilitate a platform for exchange between activism and research, this conference includes a presentation given by a former editor of Southeast Asian language newspapers (四方報) about their partnership with their migrant readers and contributors.

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Papers presented at this conference include the following:

7th Sept

Keynote speech: Brenda Yeoh, Negotiating Intimacies across Borders: Time, Temporalities and Transnational Families

Panel 1 - sovereignty and statehood: 

  • Isabelle Cheng, Reality or Pretence? Nationality and Organised Hypocrisy of the Sovereignty of Taiwan
  • Yen-fen Tseng, Privileged Outsiders or Transient Nationals?: Taiwanese Transmigrants and China’s Differential Citizenship Regime
  • Lara Momesso and Chun-yi Lee, Nation, Migration, Identity: Learning from the Cross-Strait Context

Panel 2 - infusion of idea and culture:

  • Jens Dam, Taiwan and the Transnational Society in China
  • Hsin-yi Wu, The Village as Remembered: The Construction and Consumption of the Collective Memories of Waisheng Juancun (外省眷村) in the Cultural Field
  • Klavier Wong, Re-examine Resource Mobilization/Accumulation from 2012 to 2014 - Mass movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Screening: See You Lovable Strangers and Q&A

8th Sept

Panel 3 - intimacy and negotiation of identity at home:

  • Todd Sandal, Transnational marriage migrants from Indonesia to Taiwan: Narrating good and bad marriages​
  • Yu-chin Tseng, Rapprochement in the Third Place: Chinese-Taiwanese Couples in the UK
  • Evelyn Hsieh, Taiwan is My Home:New Immigrants’ Stories and Homeness in Contemporary Taiwanese Television Program
  • Siumi Tam, Being Migrant, Muslim, and Male: The cultural intimacy of food production in a global city

Interview: Hong Dam, Re-embark the journey: refugee and childhood dreams

Panel 4 - activism at grassroots level and across borders:

  • Hsiao-chuan Hsia, From Naming to Alliance Building: the Making of Transnational Movement for Marriage Migrants
  • Jiunyi Bai, To Be Seen and Heard: A Partnership between Migrant Readers and the Multinational Editors of the Southeast Asian Newspapers in Taiwan.
  • Paulus Rudolf Yuniarto, Bridging the Silent (broker of nostalgia): Transnational Lives of Indonesian Migrant-Entrepreneurs in Taiwan
  • Isabelle Cheng, Lara Momesso, Dafydd Fell, Transnational Link in Electoral Politics: A Campaign Strategy for Political Parties or a Source of Empowerment for Foreign-Born Citizens?

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For more information, please contact the organisers: Isabelle Cheng and Lara Momesso.