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PhD profile

Dr Sue Diamond

  • Qualifications: MA Cultural Studies, Post Graduate Diploma History, PhD (University of Portsmouth)
  • Role Title: Lecturer (Part-time)
  • Address: Park Building, King Henry 1 Street, Portsmouth PO1 2DZ
  • Telephone:
  • Email: sue.diamond@port.ac.uk
  • Department: Centre for European and International Studies Research
  • Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


My PhD project investigated the changing perceptions of self and identity in officers of the Royal Navy who have been promoted from the lower deck. My research drew on the fields of military sociology, social class and mobility, sociology of work and professions, self and identity and other associated areas such as the sociolinguistics of rank. I am particularly interested in the concepts of cultural capital and habitus and the nuances of class. My theoretical framework draws on the work of Bourdieu, Cooley, Goffman and Foucault and other related work. The research discusses how the newly promoted have to confront expected changes in the embodied self and how they use and negotiate different manifestations of material culture and the embodied self in the new officer world. The research discusses how ontological insecurity and class aligned differences can create habitus clivé and hysteresis for officers and their families.

I have previously written on aspects of naval history looking at both gender and race in the navy, the history of London and Hong Kong as a postmodern society leading up to reunification.

Teaching Responsibilities

I teach the following units at the university: Studying Society, Theorising Social Life and Research Design and Analysis.

I have taught Sociology, English and History in school and sixth form.


  • Social Class and Identity
  • Military Sociology
  • Psychogeography
  • Urban Geography and living
  • Cultural Studies
  • Vegan Lifestyles