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Ms Julie Gilbert

  • Qualifications: BS English Literature (Central Michigan University), MA History (American Public University)
  • Role Title: PhD Student
  • Address: Park Building, King Henry 1 Street, Portsmouth PO1 2DZ
  • Telephone:
  • Email: julie.gilbert@port.ac.uk
  • Department: Centre for European and International Studies Research
  • Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Working Title - Workhouse Culture: The differences and similarities of workhouses throughout England, and the paupers who lived therein.

My PhD research will investigate the experience of paupers in England from roughly 1834-1847; a tumultuous time during the transition of the workhouse from the Old Poor Law to the New Poor Law. I will focus on many aspects of workhouse culture, as well as differences and similarities between workhouses throughout England during that time. By utilizing a specific cohort of the poor, I hope to be able to provide a clear view into the lives of those who suffered the dreaded workhouse.

  • First Supervisor – Dr Karl Bell
  • Second Supervisor – Dr Brad Beaven