Centre for European and International Studies Research

Research clusters

CEISR is organised into eight clusters that bring together researchers working in a number of different disciplines to promote inter-disciplinary synergies, and to create new possibilities for outputs, engagement, and impact. The clusters are:

Francophone Africa

Focusing on the internal histories, colonial legacies and globalised futures of Francophone Africa. MORE.

Justice in Fragile States

Analysing violence against women and girls, access to justice, and conflict resolution across a number of countries.  MORE.

Language Across Borders

Studying transgressions of the rules and boundaries of language systems, drawing on applied linguistics, translation studies, corpus linguistics, sociolinguistics, social theory, psychology and neuroscience.  MORE.

Security, Citizenship and Social Justice

Responding to institutionalized territory, authority and rights, through study in politics, sociology, geography, education, international development and journalism. MORE.

Social and Cultural History

Working on a core focus on modern and contemporary American, British and European histories.  MORE.

Sociology and Social Theory

Examining discussions on social thought, social exclusion, the ethics of human/non-human interactions, sport and consumer culture. MORE.

Transnational Europe

Exploring issues on policy formation, expert networks, migration and identity, political histories, and representations of ‘Europe’ in a museum and heritage context. MORE.

Women's and Gender Studies

Exploring topics from nineteenth-century activism to the history of contemporary feminism, gender and international development, and contemporary activism in Africa and Asia. MORE.