Centre for European and International Studies Research

Globalised Africa

Mapping the Impact of Migration & Urbanisation on Gender Relations and Identities

Understanding the impact of globalisation on and for women’s rights is a critical area of concern for policy makers. This is particularly true in African countries that have seen rapid urbanisation and also migration. A key question; to what extent has globalisation disrupted patriarchal mind-sets that normalise violence, poor health care and lack of education for women and girls? In other words do people change their perceptions as a result of moving from rural to urban settings or a new country? Limited evidence exists suggesting that migration can in fact harden conservative cultural views challenging assumptions that gender equality will emerge as westernised secular values spread through globalisation and women enter the workforce in larger numbers.


  • Dr Tamsin Bradley
  • Dr Lana Chikhungu
  • Dr Francesca Salvi
  • Carlos Zepeda
  • Andy Thorpe
  • Caroline Day