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Students in 20th Century Europe

Students in Twentieth Century Europe

The Students in Twentieth Century Europe Research Network is designed to bring together academics and others interested in the history of students broadly defined. It aims to bring together scholars, activists, policy makers and interested parties from a variety of disciplines to develop a fuller understanding of the experience and importance of students across Europe throughout the twentieth century.

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This network is supported by a private JISC-mail discussion group, STUDENTS-IN-20C-EUROPE@JISCMAIL.AC.UK. The aims of this list are to disseminate information and knowledge about current work being undertaken on students in twentieth century Europe and maximise collaboration and synergies between network members.

You are invited to join the list by visiting http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/STUDENTS-IN-20C-EUROPE and following the subscription link there. Membership is free, and requests are moderated by the list owner. Please allow up to seven days for membership to be confirmed.

Students in Twentieth Century Europe: Symposium

University of Portsmouth, 18 July 2013

Hosted by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Centre for European and International Studies Research at the University of Portsmouth.


  • Students and their relationships to the wider community
  • Student activism and student life in the early twentieth century
  • Student volunteering and activism
  • Student organisation at the turn of the 21st century


  • Paul Long (Birmingham School of Media, BCU) 
    '"We went on and did the thing and they all sat down on the floor and they all dug it, all the university students, and that was why it was good."'
  • Stuart Smedley (KCL)
    '"Unity in diversity"? Youth groups, students and the 1975 European Economic Community Referendum campaign to keep Britain in Europe'
  • Jodi Burkett (University of Portsmouth)
    '"Don’t Bank On Apartheid": The National Union of Students and the Barclays Boycott in the 1980s'
  • Mike Day (NUS)
    'That Abject, Squalid and Shameless Avowal – the Oxford Union King and Country Debate 1933 and its Aftermath'
  • Georgina Brewis (Institute of Education, London)
    'Students in Action: Anti-fascist relief efforts in the university, 1933-1939'
  • Steve Conlon (Dublin City University)
    'Early Student Activism in Ireland: the filling of a pail, and the lighting of a fire'
  • Laura Kelly (Centre for the History of Medicine in Ireland, University College Dublin)
    '"Merry boys and winsome women": Medical student life and culture in Ireland, c. 1900-50'
  • Thierry M Luescher-Mamashela (University of the Western Cape)
    'Theorising Student Activism in and beyond Twentieth Century Europe: The Contribution of Philip G Altbach'
  • Anna Helqvist (University of Copenhagen)
    'Social games in a voluntary frame – with Bourdieu on "rustur"'
  • Manus McGrogan (University of Portsmouth)
    'From Services d’ordre to "red bases": revisiting French student-based political violence after 1968.'
  • Regina Weber (Universitat Duisburg-Essen) and Jens Jungblut (University of Oslo) 
    'Changing national student governance in Germany – factors of influence'
  • Manja Klemencic (University of Ljubliana)
    'Student unions in Europe: organizational culture, modes of action and influence in the context of the EU modernisation agenda for universities'
  • Jez Harvey (Independent scholar)
    'Investigating the relationship between students and NUS Wales'
  • Alice Sheridan (University of Reading)
    'Taming the beast or stifling capacity for sustainability?'