Centre for Intelligent Data Solutions

Aviation Systems

Our Expertise

Intelligent Data Solutions have extensive experience applying their research to aviation data analysis projects and providing innovative solutions to industry problems. Our expertise in this area extends to include:

  • Multi vector algorithmic analysis
  • Incident impact probability modelling
  • Probability classification informed solutions

Our work in practice

The Centre for Intelligent Data Solutions liaised with a local company, Flight Data Services Ltd (FDS), to develop better and more powerful algorithms to detect safety events. Anomalies in the data are often subtle and occasionally unknown. A two phase algorithm was developed to analyse how the aircraft are flown during the descent. The first phase used multiple one class Support Vector Machines to accurately detect and rank safety events at different heights. The second phase used another one class Support Vector Machine to rank the impact of safety events for the whole descent. This allowed aviation experts to quickly compare multiple descents and improve training. 

This led to an applied research project analysing black boxes. As a result the company have moved to the forefront of their industry and are leading the way in flight data analysis. 

We started this KTP to develop a tool for examining flight data. These goals were successfully achieved, but the KTP also changed the way we run the business and led to the development of a complete new product line. I never thought it would have this impact on our business.

Dave Jesse, Chief Executive Officer, FDS