Centre for Intelligent Data Solutions

Energy Efficiency

Our Expertise

Intelligent Data Solutions has extensive experience in data analysis systems that lead to real-time energy efficiency solutions. Our expertise in this area includes: 

  • Regression techniques to enable fast prediction modelling
  • Feature extraction of the data to allow for more reliable data and a considerable reduction in transmission
  • Multi Criteria Optimization

Our work in practice

Hard disk drives account for 3% of worldwide energy consumption, traditional approaches to reducing energy consumption have targeted the problem at a simplistic level by increasing the efficiency of air conditioning or hard disk motors.

Working with Seagate Technology we undertook the base level approach of optimally assigning interface (I/O) requests to drives to minimise energy usage. It was necessary to consider variable workloads and different drive types to ensure minimal energy usage whilst still maintaining fast performance.

Typically, it achieved energy savings of around 5%. Applied on a global scale this equates to well over £40 billion in energy saved or 400,000 metric tonnes of CO2 per year.