Centre for Operational Research and Logistics

About CORL

Who we are

The University of Portsmouth (UoP) has taken the initiative to launch a cross-faculty Centre for Operational Research and Logistics (CORL) to recognise and enhance our reputation and standing of Operational Research and Logistics on national and international scale. CORL brings together multidisciplinary expertise on the Science of Data and the Science of Decision Making from across the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Technology, Portsmouth Business School and the Institute of Industrial Research at the University of Portsmouth.

Our aim

The key aim of the centre is to achieve research excellence in Operational Research and Logistics fields, and enhance the knowledge transfer activities to deepen the strategic partnership between CORL and the business and public organisations to address greater challenges. CORL’s commitment is to engage with SMEs, large companies, and public bodies. The aim is to increase industrial income and research funds from the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) grants, and to bring CORL’s performance in line with that of key national and international competitors. The launch of such a centre is a key recommendation to achieve excellence in research with a view to impact on economic growth.

Our principles

  • Clear research strategy and leadership
  • Better research identity and impact
  • Increased quality and quantity of research outputs
  • A vibrant and inclusive research environment
  • Improved internal and external collaboration
  • Improved research income

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