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Working Group on Renewable Energy and Sustainability: Offshore Wind Farms

The need to produce clean, green energy at a reasonable cost and design production, logistics, transportation, and societal processes that are sustainable give rise to some of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century. Decision making plays a key role in providing solutions that allow these challenges to be met.

The University of Portsmouth's new Centre for Operational Research and Logistics (CORL) is offering the opportunity for companies to take part in its pilot industry workshop that will look at how decision making challenges in Renewable Energy, Sustainability and Offshore Wind Farms can be solved.

CORL members are currently involved in a number of key European projects in the marine renewable energy sector that will allow the production of electricity from renewable sources at a more competitive cost. One of these projects is the EU INTERREG 2OM project which is investigating ways in which the per unit cost of electricity generation at offshore wind farms can be reduced by minimising the logistics costs incurred in all phases of the life cycle of the wind farm.

This working group offers the opportunity to bring together industry partners and experts relating to decision making analysis to identify current challenges and discuss potential collaborations with a view to improving decision making in this area.

The working group will include breakfast and a brunch, an introduction to the expertise of CORL, overview of the research on offshore wind farms followed by a facilitated, open discussion on the challenges facing the supply chain and logistics, operation and maintenance and dismantling of offshore wind farms.


Temporary Portacarbin 6, outside the Burnaby Building

Date and Time

Thu, 15 May 2014, 08:30 - 11:30 (BST)

For further information or any enquiries please contact our event co-ordinator, Jana Ries, at corl@port.ac.uk