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Launch Event

For the Centre for Operational Research and Logistics (CORL)

The University of Portsmouth (UoP) has taken the initiative to launch a new cross-faculty Centre for Operational Research and Logistics (CORL) to bring together industry partners and experts in decision making analysis to identify current challenges in Logistics and Transportation, Supply Chain Management, Maritime Logistics, Healthcare, Renewable Energy and Sustainability, and discuss potential collaborations with a view to improving decision making in business.

The event starts with a welcome session to open the centre, followed by plenary session and parallel stream sessions to highlight the research in the fields of Operational Research and Logistics, and the challenges facing the day-to-day operations in industrial and public sectors. The funding opportunities session will provide insights into different funding opportunities available to regions.


Richmond Building, University of Portsmouth

Date and Time

Wed, 18 June 2014, 08:30 - 14:30 (BST)

CORL Launch Event Programme PDF, 1.83MB

This information pack contains details of the event programme, travel information, keynote abstracts and biographies, and details of the parallel stream sessions.


Plenary Session

Overview of the Centre for Operational Research and Logistics
Professor Dylan Jones, Director of CORL

Presentation slides (PDF, 107KB) | Watch presentation (Video, 8:20)
Know your business, understand and visualise your data: What can the Data Centre do for your company?
Professor David Brown, Director of Institute of Industrial Research and Faith Thompson, Data Centre Manager

Presentation slides (PDF, 359KB) | Watch presentation (Video, 3:57)
Continuing Professional Development in Operational Research
Dr Philip Brabazon, Portsmouth Business School

Presentation slides (PDF, 342KB) | Watch presentation (Video, 5:44)
CORL’s Knowledge Transfer Strategy
Dr Djamila Ouelhadj, Knowledge Transfer Director of CORL

Presentation slides (PDF, 752KB) | Watch presentation (Video, 12:24)
Keynote 1: John Hopes, Vice President of the Operational Research Society
Operational Research: The Science of Better

Presentation slides (PDF, 568KB) | Watch presentation (Video, 20:35)
Keynote 2: Michael Robinson, Commercial Director, Entec Global Ltd
Supply Chain Challenges – Can we move from JIC to JIT?

Presentation slides (PDF, 9.04MB) | Watch presentation (Video, 14:29)

Parallel Streams and Roundtable Sessions

Stream 1: Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain Management

The implications of increasing levels of product variety (PDF, 542KB)
Dr Philip Brabazon
Meta-heuristics and hyper-heuristics to solve transportation and vehicle routing problems (PDF, 773KB)
Dr Djamila Ouelhadj

Stream 2: Maritime Logistics

Sea border surveillance (PDF, 590KB)
Dr Jana Ries
Sustainability ranking of the UK major ports (PDF, 404KB)
Dr Nasrin Asgari

Stream 3: Healthcare

Towards high reliability in health service (PDF, 997KB)
Professor Ashraf Labib
Operational Research for Healthcare Resource Optimisation: Two Case Studies and Future Directions (PDF, 171KB)
Professor Dylan Jones

Stream 4: Renewable Energy and Sustainability

An overview of offshore wind farms in the UK (PDF, 1.03MB)
Dr Graham Wall
A decision support tool for reducing the costs of offshore wind logistics (PDF, 1.19MB)
Dr Xiang Song

Funding Opportunities Session

Keynote 3: Dr Rob Furlong, KTN Business Development Manager
Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Funding Opportunities

Watch presentation (Video, 20:50)
Keynote 4: Dr Neil Grice, Knowledge Transfer Partnership Adviser
Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP): Making the most of your expertise

Presentation slides (PDF, 672KB) | Watch presentation (Video, 13:46)
Keynote 5: Mrs Sarah Duckering, Head of Business Engagement (UoP Research and Innovation Services)
Regional Initiatives and Funding Opportunities

Presentation slides (PDF, 160KB) | Watch presentation (Video, 15:14)