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Managing cyber and information risks in supply chains: insights from an exploratory analysis


The increasing level of connectivity is transforming supply chains, creating new opportunities but also new risks in the cyber space. Hence, cyber supply chain risk management (CSCRM) is emerging as a new management construct.

The purpose of this study is fourfold: to identify cyber and information risks and sources from a supply chain management perspective; to investigate how companies perceive those risks; to explore initiatives adopted to confront them; to investigate ways in which firms can develop CSCRM capabilities.


This research relied on a qualitative approach based on a comparative case study analysis involving five large organizations operating in the UK and abroad.


Results highlight the importance for CSCRM to shift the viewpoint from the traditional focus on companies’ internal Information Technology (IT) infrastructure to the whole supply chain while the “human factor” emerges as the weakest link in the CSCRM process.

Research limitations/implications

This paper provides a classification of the main cyber and information risks, sources of risks and initiatives to managing them according to a supply chain perspective. Our study stimulates further research on the management of people in supply chain risk management, bringing together technical, social and managerial disciplines.

Practical implications

Results invite companies to break the “silos” of their activities in CSCRM embracing the whole supply chain network. The adoption of IT security initiatives should be combined with organizational ones. This paper offers a starting point for company benchmarking in terms of CSCRM initiatives.


A supply chain perspective in the existing scientific contributions is missing in the management of cyber and information risk. This is one of the first empirical studies dealing with this interdisciplinary subject.


Professor David Menachof, University of Hull


Dennis Sciama Building, Room 2.02

Date and Time

Thursday 3 November, 1:00pm - 2:00pm

For further information email corl@port.ac.uk

Speaker Biography

Professor David Menachof is the Peter Thompson Chair in Port Logistics, based at Hull University Business School. Professor Menachof received his doctorate from the University of Tennessee, and was the recipient of the Council of Logistics Management's Doctoral Dissertation Award in 1993.

Professor Menachof is a Fulbright Scholar, having spent a year in Odessa, Ukraine, and was on the designated list of Fulbright Scholars for Global Logistics. His work has been published and presented in journals and conferences around the world.

A practiced and well received speaker, David has spoken at many important events such as the APEC STAR IV conference in Lima, Peru, where he delivered the keynote address.

His research interests include supply chain security, sustainable supply chains, liner shipping and financial techniques related to logistics management.