Centre for Operational Research and Logistics

2014 Events Archive

  • Research Seminar

    Applications of Graph Theory in Real World Combinatorial Optimisation Problems

    Friday 12 December 2014

    In this talk, Dr Rhyd Lewis will show how graph theoretical concepts can be used to help find approximate solutions to some important intractable combinatorial optimisation problems.

  • Research Seminar

    Optimal Inventory Policies for Remanufacturing Systems that Forecast Product Returns

    Thursday 27 November 2014

    In this presentation, Dr Chee Khian Sim will present an inventory system with remanufacturing capability to remanufacture two types of cores: buyback and returned cores, and that is able to forecast product returns.

  • Research Seminar

    On the proper fuzzification of the AHP method

    Wednesday 26 November 2014

    Alternative strategies to fuzzification of preferences within AHP are discussed. A revision of current techniques will be outlined applying the reciprocity condition.

  • Research Seminar

    Scale calibration in AHP

    Wednesday 26 November 2014

    Dr Alessio Ishizaka will be talking about individualised AHP scales using the example of the selection of cloud computing strategies.

  • Research Seminar

    Optimization Tools for Improving Railway Systems Security and Reliability

    Thursday 13 November 2014

    A systematic approach to plan security investments is paramount to guarantee that limited protection resources are utilized in the most efficient manner. This talk introduces an optimization model to identify the railway assets which should be hardened or protected to minimize the impact of worst case disruptions on the system performance.

  • Research Seminar

    An Extended Goal Programming Methodology for Analysis of a Network Encompassing Multiple Objectives and Stakeholders

    Thursday, 6 November 2014

    This seminar proposes a goal programming methodology to ensure that a mix of balance and optimisation is achieved across a hierarchical decision network. The extended goal programming principle is used for this purpose. A model is constructed that provides consideration of balance and efficiency of multiple objectives and stakeholders at each network node and network level.

  • Research Seminar

    Reliable Hub Network Design

    Thursday 16 October 2014

    This presentation will focus on a critical issue in hub location planning that has, thus far, received little attention in the literature: hub reliability. Formulation and solution techniques are proposed for the uncapacitated, single allocation p-hub median location problem with independent hub failure probabilities. A mixed integer nonlinear programming model is formulated for locating unreliable hubs and assigning demand nodes to hubs in order to minimize the expected demand weighted cost of customer flows plus a penalty in the event all hubs fail.

  • Research Seminar

    Optimizing the Core Tensor in Tucker Decomposition: Model and Algorithms

    Thursday 2 October 2014

    Dr Zhening Li will present a new computational model where the configuration and the size of the core become a part of the decisions to be optimized. Numerical tests on various real data sets from gene expression analysis and image compression are reported, which show promising performances of the proposed algorithms.

  • Research Seminar

    An Efficient Gauss-Newton Algorithm for Symmetric Low-Rank Product Matrix Approximations

    Monday 21 July 2014

    Dr Xin Liu will present his recent study of a Gauss-Newton method for computing a symmetric low-rank product XX', where X is an n by n matrix for k<n, that is the closest to a given symmetric matrix in Frobenius norm.

  • Launch Event

    CORL Launch Event

    Wednesday 16 June 2014

    The event starts with a welcome session to open the centre, followed by plenary sessions and parallel stream sessions to highlight the research in the fields of Operational Research and Logistics, and the challenges facing the day-to-day operations in industrial and public sectors.

  • Public Seminar

    Innovation in Performance Measurement - New Ways To Use Balanced Scorecard

    Wednesday 4 June 2014

    This seminar organised by Portsmouth Business School will give delegates insight into innovation in the area of performance measurement, particularly looking at an innovative new way to use Balanced Scorecard to measure and improve business and employee performance through the development of agreed metrics and insightful reporting.

  • Research Seminar

    Feasibility vs. Optimality: Why do our smart decision analysis tools fail to advise policy?

    Thursday 15 May 2014

    Dr Kaveh Madani (Imperial College London, UK) will discuss challenges for the use of MCDA techniques when using 'group rationality' rather than 'individual rationality' in practice.

  • Industry Workshop

    Working Group on Renewable Energy and Sustainability: Offshore Wind Farms

    Thursday 15 May 2014

    This working group offers the opportunity to bring together industry partners and experts relating to decision making analysis to identify current challenges and discuss potential collaborations with a view to improving decision making in the area of Renewable Energy and Sustainability.

  • Public Workshop

    The Science of Better Decision Making in Healthcare

    Friday 25 April 2014

    This working group brings together industry and CORL members working in Healthcare to discuss relevant challenges and potential solutions in practice.