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Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis

Expertise and Interest


Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis / Making (MCDA/M) is the scientific process of aiding decision makers when their decisions involve multiple, conflicting criteria by which the goodness of a solution can be measured. There are a variety of techniques and methodologies within the field of MCDA/M dependent on the nature of the decision problem and the level of interaction with the decision maker that is possible.

Our members specialise in both discrete and continuous MCDA/M techniques. The theory and application of the distance-based MCDA/M techniques is a significant area of expertise. This involves techniques such as goal programming where the distance between a solution that can be achieved and a set of decision maker set goals is minimised.

Distance-based MCDM/A techniques have been applied by our members to a wide range of applications including:

  • Healthcare logistics and optimisation
  • Analysis of cinema-going behaviour
  • Fisheries economics management
  • Selecting financial portfolios and location of offshore wind-farms

Active Research Members