Centre for Studies in Literature

Bringing together scholars from varied fields within literary studies and associated disciplines

What we offer

  • Research culture, framework and events

    The Centre promotes academic research and innovation, provides a framework for research excellence in the broad area of literary studies and associated disciplines, and is committed to promoting wider engagement with research through collaboration and dissemination. Launched in 2009, the Centre has rapidly gained national and international recognition due to the expertise of its dynamic team of scholars, growing postgraduate community, and a series of high-profile academic and public events.

    Members of the Centre additionally have interests in related fields within film studies, cultural studies and American studies, and we maintain strong links with two other research centres at Portsmouth: the Centre for European and International Studies Research (CEISR) and the Centre for Cultural and Creative Research (CCCR).

    Literature events

    Research culture, framework and events
  • Links with local organisations

    The Centre has also developed mutually-beneficial links with local non-academic organisations, such as the Dimbola Lodge Museum, Portsmouth City Council and the City Museum in the area of literary heritage studies, with a particular focus on Dickens and Doyle, both notable former citizens of Portsmouth, and on Tennyson and Julia Margaret Cameron, both of whom have significant connections with the Isle of Wight. CSL is also affiliated with the Dickens Project at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

    Public engagement

    Links with local organisations

Chesil Beach image: Alex Brown under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.