Centre for Studies in Literature

Materiality & Corporeality: The Body in Popular Fiction and Visual Culture

Postgraduate Conference 2013

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Professor Julian Wolfreys, Loughborough University - Of Bodies, Being, and Loss: Memory, Amateriality, and the Spectrality of Touch

About the Conference

A symbol of shared experience and a locus of inscribed meaning, the body can be a source of fascination and disgust, of perfection, manipulation, destruction, abuse, and reclamation. This interdisciplinary conference seeks to explore the ways in which the body functions as a site for the expression of cultural anxieties within a range of literary and visual sources. It aims to consider the significance of the body as a central motif in Western philosophical and critical tradition, as well as the intersections between the fields of literature, art and film which place the body at the centre of debates surrounding gender, sexuality, identity, politics, philosophy and economics.

Possible areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • The body in literature, art or film
  • The damaged, grotesque or carnivalesque body/the body as spectacle
  • Pleasure, pain, power and knowledge
  • (Re)Writing the body
  • Sexuality, gender, science and medicine
  • Marketing or consuming bodies
  • Perfecting/redesigning the body

Further information 

For further information, please contact cslpgconf@port.ac.uk for the attention of Emily Scott, Alexandra Messem and Melanie Seddon.