Centre for Studies in Literature

Post/Colonial Cultures: Legality and Legitimacy

A One -Day Interdisciplinary Symposium 2008

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Professor Peter Fitzpatrick

The political authority and punitive power of the law have always been central to colonial rule, and in today’s world, with its new imperial tensions and its increasingly complex landscapes of entitlement, exclusion and partial citizenship, questions of legality and legitimacy have taken on a renewed urgency.

Encouraging interdisciplinary links between literary, cultural and jurisprudential readings of legality and legitimacy, this one-day symposium addressed previously overlooked forms of subaltern exclusion in the colony and post-colony. Issues covered include post/colonialism, entitlement and law: nationalism and national sovereignty, legality and agency, land rights and territorial claims, the politics of terrorism and rendition, martial law and detention, religious and community law, gender and legality, bio-politics and corporate law, human rights, reparation and political asylum.