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Dr Rosamund Paice


I completed my BA in English Language and Literature at the University of Cambridge, and my MA and a PhD at the University of Manchester. I joined the University of Portsmouth in 2004, and am a Principal Lecturer in English Literature.

My primary research project studies John Milton's interrogation of competing companionship models, including companionate marriage, amity, and caritas. This has also led me to consider Milton's use of translation as theme and event in Paradise Lost (including as a means of negotiating earthly and heavenly relationships, and in relation to concerns about the legitimacy of translation). By focusing on processes of differentiation, inclusion and exclusion, my study of Milton aligns with the University's Democratic Citizenship theme. In considering companionship in relation to garden environments my work also aligns with the Sustainability and Environment theme.

I am currently also engaged in research stemming from my involvement in the Much Ado About Portsmouth festival (April 2016). The first is a study of herring imagery in the writings of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, which argues that the herring was used as street-slang to refer to sexual excess and disease. The second is a study of Globe theatre reproductions and simulations, which will focuses on the ways in which modern understandings of early modern theatrical spaces, players and audiences have been shaped and reshaped by shifting understandings of heritage, the changing demands of education, and advances in technology.

Finally, I have a long-standing research interest in the late works of William Blake, particularly as they relate to concepts of error and empire.


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