Centre for Studies in Literature

Research projects

Current projects within the centre are:

Celebrity, Citizenship and Status (CCS)

The CCS project brings together scholars from a range of disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences to explore the mediation and social impact of 'celebrity' within different historical and cultural contexts, as well as its relationship to other forms of citizenship and public status. Read more.

Britain in Europe / Europe in Britain

This project is concerned with British and European Identity – both the perception of Britain within Europe, and that of European ‘Others’ within Britain. Its principal goals are to investigate the representation of British and European Identities in Literature and Culture, and to assess their respective relationships both in the past but also in the post-Brexit present. A case study focuses on England’s large Polish community and aims to develop the University's relationship with the region's Polish population and to promote the county to England's c. 800,000-strong Polish-speaking population. The project closely engages with the University’s strategic research theme ‘Democratic Citizenship’.

Past projects