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Celebrity, Citizenship and Status

The Celebrity, Citizenship and Status (CCS) project based at the University of Portsmouth examines the relationship between celebrity and citizenship, as well as the cultural apparatus (literature; film; photography; television, print and social media) by which celebrity status is realized and negotiated, revoked or sustained.

Considering ‘celebrity’ in both its historical and contemporary manifestations, the project brings together researchers from English Literature, Language and Linguistics, History and Sociology with the aim of advancing academic inquiry in the field of celebrity studies and encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration.

The project is committed to producing and promoting a series of events that explore the construction and dissemination of celebrity in literature, (popular) culture, and society. Central to the project’s plans are a symposium on ‘Death and Celebrity’, a post-graduate workshop, and a Celebrity Studies lunchtime seminar series at the University of Portsmouth.

Project Members:

Celebrity, Citizenship and Status

Public Lecture

16/05/2018 - La Dolce Vita and the Ontology of Celebrity. Professor Richard Dyer (Kings College London). 6-7.30pm, Portland Building. Admission is free but please book a place on Eventbrite: La Dolce Vita and the Ontology of Celebrity.

Conferences, Workshops, Seminars:

  • Death and Celebrity Symposium – Wednesday 6th June 2018
  • Queer Celebrity Conference - Thursday 6th - Friday 7th June 2019
  • Celebrity Seminar Series:
    • 21/03/2018 –"Bland? Who, Me?": Olivia Newton-John on the Road to Xanadu. Dr Oliver Gruner (University of Portsmouth, CCI). 1pm-3pm, Milldam LE.0.06.
    • 25/04/2018 - The Entertaining Enemy: 'Gypsy' in Popular Culture in an Age of Securitization​.​ Dr Annabel Tremlett (University of Portsmouth, SHSSW)​.​ 1-3pm, Milldam LE. 0.06
    • 02/05/2018 – Citizen Dickinson: Nuala O'Connor's Miss Emily and Nineteenth-Century Female Celebrity. Dr Páraic Finnerty (University of Portsmouth, SSHLS). 1pm-3pm, Milldam LE.0.06.
    • 17/10/2018 - Winning Freedom: Black Anti-Slavery Lecturers in the UK, 1838-1860. Dr Simon Morgan (Leeds Beckett University). 3-5pm. Milldam LE 1.03.
    • 21/11/2018 - TBC. 1-3pm. Milldam LE 1.03
    • 23/01/2019 - Military Fame and the Case of the Secret Celebrities. Dr Sue Diamond (University of Portsmouth, CEISR). 3-5pm. Milldam LE 1.03.
    • 20/02/2019 -TBC. 1-3pm, Milldam LE 1.03


To learn more, please contact the Celebrity, Citizenship and Status Project Team at: ccs@port.ac.uk

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