Centre of Forensic Interviewing

An internationally recognised centre of excellence for investigative interviewing that brings together research, teaching and innovation activity.

What we offer

  • A foundation for research and teaching in the forensic interview

    The CoFI was founded in 2010 by Professor Becky Milne to meet a perceived need for a specialist centre to bring together research, teaching and training; as each area informs the next; a cyclical relationship. As a highly specialised area that is influential on policy and practice for government departments, police forces and other law enforcement professionals, both in the UK and abroad, it was necessary to establish a foundation based on research and practice. Based within the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth, the Centre provides teaching to students of criminology-related subjects in conjunction with research opportunities for those wishing to examine any topic within the field of interviewing and investigation, alongside training and knowledge transfer initiatives for professionals working in investigative interviewing.

    Teaching and Research in CoFI

    A foundation for research and teaching in the forensic interview
  • Inaugural lecture, Becky Milne

    Watch Professor Becky Milne's inaugural lecture, titled 'Let Them Be Heard: Enabling Communication and Recall of Forensic Interviewees' (22 June 2016).

    Inaugural lecture: Becky Milne

    Inaugural lecture, Becky Milne