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Conference 2017: Children, Justice and Communication

The Centre of Forensic Interviewing held the Children, Justice and Communication Conference on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th May 2017.

This conference brought together academics and practitioners from a host of organisations, including: the police, NCA, social services, CPS, judiciary, probation, education, and intelligence agencies. It aimed to examine how we should best communicate with children in jeopardy, and presented the following symposia:

  • Defining children and safeguarding: Dr John Fox (University of Portsmouth)
    Papers will include such as: Children in cults, age of criminal responsibility, children and deception.
  • Vulnerability and Special measures: Professor Penny Cooper (Roehampton University) and Ruth Marchant (Triangle)
    Papers will include such as: What are special measures? Interviewing children with ASD, the Advocate's Gateway, what is vulnerability?
  • Children as witnesses: Prof Ray Bull (University of Derby) and Dr Julie Cherryman (University of Portsmouth)
    Topics will include such as: Children as CHIS, how to get best information and evidence from children, communicating with children who have been trafficked, radicalised.
  • Children as suspects: Prof. Miet Vanderhallen (University of Antwerp)
    Are the safeguards sufficient, what interview strategies should be used? How do defence solicitors treat children?
  • Children and probation: Dr Aaron Pycroft (University of Portsmouth)
    What support exists for children? What happens to the child soldier?


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Further Information

For further information, please contact Dr Fiona Wadie (Fiona.wadie@port.ac.uk)

Conference sponsored by Crest Research. (ESRC Award: ES/N009614/1)

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