Centre of Forensic Interviewing

Conference attendance

May 2017: EAPL, Mechelen

Several members addressed the 2017 Annual Conference of the European Association of Psychology and Law (EAPL), on the theme of "Breaking new grounds in Psychology and Law: Futuristic or imminent?". Read more

July 2016: EAPL, Toulouse

Professor Becky Milne was a keynote speaker at the 26th Annual Conference of the European Association of Psychology and Law (EAPL) in Toulouse, France (July 5-8th 2016). Read more

June 2016: IIIRG, London

 Several members spoke at this conference:

  • Jordan H. Nunan, Andrea Shawyer, and Rebecca Milne. 'Investigating the effect of self-awareness on deception: A new direction in deception research.'
  • Joanne Richards and Rebecca Milne. 'Autistic Spectrum Disorder; What do police officers know?'
  • Anita Grzybek and Rebecca Milne. 'Speaking in Tongues: Is the Use of Interpreters a Help or a Hindrance?'
  • Katherine Chenier, Rebecca Milne, B., & Brent Snook. 'Then what happened? An analysis of victim and witness interview training and practices in Nunavut.'
  • Gary Dalton, Rebecca Milne and Lorraine Hope. Body worn video cameras: An examination of frontline communication.'
  • Brendan O’Mahony, Rebecca Milne & Kevin Smith. 'Can an intermediary effectively facilitate communication during an investigative interview where the witness has Dissociative Identity Disorder?'
  • Joanne Richards, Rebecca Milne and Coral Dando. 'Using mental reinstatement to assist memorial recall in people with ASD'
  • Patrick Risen, Par Binder and Rebecca Milne. 'Regulating and coping with distress during police interviews of traumatised victims'
  • Nathan Ryan, Nina Westera, Mark Kebbell, and Rebecca Milne. 'Police interview practices for locating hidden objects in homicide investigations'
  • Andie Shawyer and Rebecca Milne. 'Using SCAN to identify deceit in investigative interviews.'
  • Coral Dando and Rebecca Milne. 'Sketching to remember: External support for improving older adult’s episodic remembering.'
  • Martin Vaughan. 'Role of the Interview Manager with Vulnerable Suspects: Assessing the Risk in High Stake Investigations.'
  • Nina Westera, Mia Gentle, and Martine Powell. 'How do adult sexual assault complainant emotions and behaviours influence police interviewing practice?'

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June 2015: Advocate’s Gateway International Conference - Addressing Vulnerability in Justice Systems

Brendan O'Mahony presented a paper, 'Vulnerable, accused and convicted', and represented CoFI. Read more