Centre of Forensic Interviewing

Innovation activity, training and masterclasses


Training is available for all types of investigator, from sessions for those learning the basics to advanced interview skills and masterclasses.

Our programmes are designed to share techniques for investigators to obtain the optimal evidence from interviews with suspects, victims and witnesses while emphasising transparency, ethical values and the requirements that all evidence should be admissible in criminal and civil environments.  All programmes meet the UK National Occupational standards and are delivered by proven and experienced practitioners in the field. The following courses are available:

  • PIP Level 2 & PIP Level 2 Specialist
  • Training for trainers
  • Investigative interviewing: the SIO perspective
  • Investigative interviewing: the fundamentals

The Centre provides a practical policing solution in a University environment for investigative interviewing - one of the first of its kind.

Assessment of interviewer skill competence

We offer an assessment of interviewer skill competence facility available, providing individual interviewer developmental feedback and overall broad organisational advice.

Bespoke training

Where a course is not currently available to meet your training needs, we can produce bespoke packages to fit your specific organisational requirements. 


The Masterclass programme is a series of workshops led by international experts, both academics and practitioners, in areas such as detecting deceit, vulnerable groups (people with learning disability, people with mental disorders, children and the elderly), sex offenders, the role of the intermediary, and fitness for interview. 

Future events

Tuesday 21 June 2016: Professor Mark Rhys Kebbell and Nigel Lee MSc
Interviewing Suspects in Cases of Alleged Sex Crime

Past events:

Monday 3rd December 2012: Dr James Ost
Historic Abuse Cases: Psychological and Investigative Challenges

Monday 15th October 2012: Dr Gavin Oxburgh
Interviewing Suspected Sex Offenders

Tuesday 22nd May and Monday 8th October 2012: Dr Colin Clarke
Analysing Investigative Information Using SE3R

Tuesday 1st May: Dr Andy Griffiths and Gary Shaw
Putting theory into practice – Interviews with suspects in the real world

Monday 27th February 2012: Dr Julie Cherryman
Interviewing vulnerable adults with intellectual disabilities

Monday 7th November 2011: Prof Ray Bull
Interviewing suspects

Wednesday 28th September 2011: Dr (Supt.) Andrew Griffiths and ret. Supt. Dean Jones
Interview strategy: The SIO perspective

Wednesday 22nd June 2011: Prof Ron Fisher and Dr Becky Milne
The cognitive interview

Monday 14th February 2011: Prof Gunter Kohnken
The content analysis approach in assessing statement credibility

Testimonial: Sellafield Ltd

Sellafield Ltd is the company responsible for safely delivering decommissioning, reprocessing and nuclear waste management activities on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

The company has sites at Sellafield in Cumbria and Capenhurst in Cheshire as well as an extensive engineering design capability based at Risley in Warrington. Nuclear Site Licence Condition 7 Incidents on the Site requires the formal notification, recording, reporting and investigation of events and incidents and as an organisation we are continually looking outside the nuclear industry to enhance our investigative techniques to improve the standards of our investigations.

The work of Dr Becky Milne and her team in the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies - Centre of Forensic Interviewing at Portsmouth University was identified by a member of the Sellafield Human Factors Team in mid 2011 and arrangements were made to deliver two Cognitive Interviewing courses at the Sellafield Site. This was the first such collaborative project for Sellafield and also the first time Becky, Steve and Dee Croft have worked with a non-police group.

Everyone involved in the two sessions enjoyed the involvement and many have now had the opportunity to use the tools with great benefit during recent boards of inquiry. The information received from the interviews undertaken has been of extremely high quality and depth and we already believe that the investment has paid off. 

We are looking forward to further collaborative projects with Becky and her team and are investigating future opportunities for research projects that will be mutually beneficial to both parties.