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GDP Referrals

Referrals from General Dental Practitioners

The Dental Academy accepts referrals from GDPs for specific items of care rather than comprehensive care. Patient treatment needs must be suitable and able to be provided by 5th year dental students or hygiene/therapy students under supervision. 

We are currently accepting referrals for:

Periodontics - Not currently accepting
Endodontics - Not currently accepting
Extractions - Not currently accepting
Paediatrics - Not currently accepting

Referral Criteria


A minimum of one course of treatment and a maximum of two courses will be offered with the aim of leading to stabilisation of disease. 

Details of the patient’s smoking history and current level of oral hygiene must be included on referral.

Acceptance criteria:

  • BPE scores of 3*, 4 or 4* in at least 2 sextants.


  • BPE scores 1,2 or 3.
  • Patients requiring specialist periodontal care should be referred directly to a specialist periodontal care provider and not to the Dental Academy


Acceptance criteria:

  • Conventional endodontics on all teeth if appropriate (i.e. restorable or of strategic value to the restorative care of the patient).


  • Teeth requiring retreatment, removal of posts or apicectomy are outside the scope of treatment at the Dental Academy.
  • If the tooth is unrestorable, the patient will be referred back with extraction recommended.


Acceptance criteria:

  • Extractions which are appropriate for primary care and do not require hospital facilities.


  • Surgical or potential surgical extractions of 8s.
  • Patients receiving bisphosphonate therapy/patients considered to be at high risk of developing bisphosphonate associated osteonecrosis of the jaw (BONJ).
  • Patients with a highly complex medical history or anatomy. 
  • Patients who are very anxious/require sedation.


Acceptance criteria:

  • Patients requiring one or more restorations which are appropriate for primary care.
  • Patient can tolerate treatment under local anaesthesia.
  • ALL referrals must have recent good quality intraoral radiographs (within last six months) of teeth requiring treatment.


  • Patients who are very anxious/require sedation.
  • Patients with special needs or complex medical history.
  • Orthodontic assessment or orthodontic extractions.
  • Patients requiring GA extraction.

How do I refer?

Please refer using our GDP referral form:

Adult - GDP Referral Form Feb 2019‌ 

Paediatric - GDP Referral Form

Please note there is a separate form for paediatrics.

Patients should be made aware that failure to attend appointments will result in discharge back to GDP.

All referrals should be posted to: GDP Referrals, Dental Academy Reception, William Beatty Building Hampshire Terrace, Portsmouth PO1 2QG

Further Information

Student clinic

  • Students work in teams so patients may not see the same student at each appointment. 
  • Appointments take longer and more appointments may be needed to complete treatment. 
  • All treatment carried out by students at the Dental Academy will be free to the patient.

Examination and Holiday dates

The Dental Academy will be closed during student examinations and holidays. This may cause a delay in treatment and reduce the number of referrals we can accept at these times.

Dental Students Hygiene/Therapy students
01/04/19 - 03/05/19 Easter Holiday & Examination period 13/05/19 - 07/06/19 Examination period
29/07/19 - 30/08/19 Summer Holiday and Electives 29/07/19 - 13/09/19 Summer Holiday

Useful Documents

Clinical criteria and thresholds 
New clinical referral arrangements Q&A
Patient Pathway‌ 

If you have any queries please send an email to: