Dental Academy

Our graduates

Hootan Minai

Studied: Dental Hygiene and Therapy - Graduated 2009


1) What have you been up to since leaving SPCD/Dental Academy?

Following graduation, I participated in the Dental Therapists Foundation Training Scheme (TFT) which was previously called Therapists Vocational Training scheme (TVT).  This was a one year post in a busy mixed practice.  It was a great opportunity and an excellent first step in the transition from university to practice.  It aided me in further expanding on all the essential skills that I learnt at university under the guidance of experienced clinicians. During this year my passion for dentistry grew and I decided to increase my clinical skills and remit. Therefore, I applied to study dentistry and attended the Peninsula Dental School in Plymouth. This was a 4 year graduate programme with a contemporary approach to learning, similar to that of the Dental Academy in Portsmouth. 

The knowledge and training that I received at Portsmouth provided me with a massive advantage during my training as a dentist. I used my Periodontics notes from Portsmouth even during my final year revision. 

2) What are your plans for the future?

Having successfully completed the BDS programme at Peninsula, I am now looking forward to starting the Dental Foundation training year in Berkshire. In addition to the interest in Periodontics that was sparked in Portsmouth, I have also developed an appetite for Endodontics and Oral Surgery. I am looking to take full advantage of the benefits of this training year to further my clinical abilities and the CPD courses provided to decide for the future. 

3) How important is CPD to you and your career?

I feel that CPD is an integral part of clinical practice. It is essential in aiding clinicians to stay contemporary, build their confidence and to cope positively with the changes by constantly updating their skills. If used and planned appropriately in conjunction with a Personal Development Plan (PDP), self-directed learning and reflective practice; CPD can provide maximum benefits in highlighting gaps in one’s knowledge and experience, track learning, and provide goals with focused training and development. 

4) What advice would you give to current Dental Academy students?

To take full advantage of the opportunities and the expertise present at the Portsmouth Dental Academy, so that you leave the Academy very competent and ready for the future. More importantly enjoy dentistry and follow your dreams.  

Yasminaara Malik

Studied: Certificate in higher education for dental nursing

Current job: Extended duties dental nurse

The University has given me a good idea of what it is like to work in a large practice. I have gained background knowledge on instruments, procedures and cross contamination. The University has also taught me to be a professional and work in an ethical manner with integrity. The Dental Academy has brilliant facilities and a variety of instruments that are used in the real world.

I am more confident in my role due to the Dental Academy. My community work on placement has given me experience when working with vulnerable and anxious patients. I would say that as a result I am more confident when I am communicating with patients.

My favourite aspect of university was learning on the go and the gaining experience that helped me to prepare myself for the clinical procedures.

I worked alongside many student dentists at the dental academy and so adapted my nursing to each one. This has given me an advantage as I am working with many different clinicians within my practice and am one of the few nurses who works with nearly all the clinicians in my practice.

What I love about my current role is working with patients and being able to answer their questions. In general what I most love about dentistry is the potential to move forward and to succeed.