Department of Geography


Undergraduate courses


BSc (Hons) Accredited

Engage with some of the most important global issues of today and explore the physical, environmental, social and political aspects of our world.

Study mode: full time


BA (Hons) Accredited

BA Geography is a highly practical and hands-on course which incorporates the social, cultural, economic and political aspects of geography.

Study mode: full time

Postgraduate courses

Coastal and Marine Resource Management

MSc Accredited

Coastal and Marine Resource Management is an accredited and stimulating course focusing on the effective management of coastal and marine resources with the goal of sustainability at its core.

Study mode: full time | part time

Geographical Information Systems


This long-running course provides a high level of competency in geographical information handling and training on specialist GIS equipment.

Study mode: full time | part time



An excellent opportunity to join an active research team and develop your science career.

Study mode: full time | part time


Postgraduate research at Portsmouth provides opportunities to work with research teams on a range of projects from the environmental processes of geography to the geographies of health, wellbeing and lifecourse, with many active collaborative projects between the groups and with external institutions. 

We run PhD, MPhil and MRes programmes, either on full or part-time basis. For a full range of postgraduate research opportunities, please visit the Graduate School's Postgraduate Research page.