Department of Geography


Fieldwork is an integral part of the degree programmes within the Department of Geography. Field activities enable students to gain substantial practical experience, which equips them with important skills for their independent research project and for entry into the workplace. All of our students take part in fieldwork at various stages during their degree studies.

Year 1

The city of Portsmouth and its surroundings offer many excellent field sites for Human and Physical Geography, and Geographical Information Science. Field based activities include land surveying, sediment coring, and socio-cultural/economic analysis of urban and rural landscapes. The first opportunity for fieldwork takes place in the first week of the course. This offers a good opportunity for students to meet each other and to get to know the Department's staff in an informal setting.

Year 2

All second year students take part in a one-week European residential field class, which is tailored to their option choices. In recent years these field classes have taken place in Arctic Lapland, Berlin, Barcelona, Malta and Sicily. 

Final Year

In the final year of study, opportunities for fieldwork are dependent upon specific option choices. In recent years, field class destinations have included the Scottish Highlands, Colorado and Kilimanjaro to study mountain climates, the Shoreditch/Hoxton area of London to study creative industries, and Uganda to study environmental sustainability and development.