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Our graduates

Employers value the wide-ranging computer, statistical, research and analytical skills that geography graduates bring to the market. These wide ranging skills help to make Geography one of the most employable degrees. A report in the Guardian cites geography as one of the degrees with the best employability rates.

As a geographer you will have a range of transferable skills as well as more specific skills developed on your specialist courses. You may not find many jobs under the term ‘geographer’ but the skills you have apply to a wide variety of jobs.

What opportunities might it lead to?

Students graduating from our department enter a range of career destinations, including:

  • Education
  • Cartographer
  • GIS analysis
  • Environmental management
  • Research
  • Transportation management
  • Coastal and fluvial management
  • Travel, tourism and leisure jobs
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Resource management
  • Remote sensing

A number of our undergraduates progress to further study on taught masters programmes, particularly our own MSc programmes, or register on to a PhD to begin their research career.

Our Graduates

  • Nick Williams
    Nick Williams
    Studied: BSc Physical Geography and MSc Coastal and Marine Resource Management
    Current job: Senior Specialist in Coastal Geomorphology


    After graduating Nick became a Senior Specialist in Coastal Geomorphology at Natural England where he assists internal staff on high risk and complicated casework, oversees internal and external training, research and development. Nick directs coastal squeeze, SSSI and GCR site work as well as advising on flood and storm events, and coastal planning issues. Internally he runs the Coastal Network and externally develops key contacts and partners.

    The course at Portsmouth gave me a real sense of place, understanding the wider issues that affect us globally as well as the site specific constraints that are of concern to specific communities. The M.Sc. in Coastal and Marine Resource Management was the single most valuable learning experience I have had to date. It both consolidated what I thought I knew as well as constantly giving me an alternative perspective on a plethora of subjects. Helping to form my understanding of sustainability in the coastal zone, and tools to achieve this.

  • Alicia Vaz
    Alicia Vaz
    Studied: BSc Geography and MSc Geographical Information Systems
    Current job: Customer Service Manager at Esri UK

    Alicia was able to apply skills gained from her degree and her knowledge of Geographical Information Systems directly into her role at Esri UK. Alicia also completed a Master's degree in GIS allowing her to gain a more in-depth knowledge about the subject and confidently advise customers on the use and development of using these systems in her current role.

    Alicia is responsible for managing commercial and non-profitable (charity) accounts. She ensures that customers maximise the benefits of GIS, whilst promoting and developing its use within their organisations. As a trusted advisor, Alicia provides technical support and guidance for clients, which requires excellent communication and presentation skills.

    My studies were crucial in helping me understand the key GIS principles. My knowledge was further enhanced by my Master’s degree in GIS, where I learnt about scripting languages and system design principles. Overall, this has given me the required skill set to present and communicate vital information to both small and large audiences; allowing me to thrive in a hybrid environment whilst continuing to learn and develop new skills.

  • Shannon Diment
    Shannon Diment
    Studied: BSc Geography
    Current job: Early Professional Recruiter at IBM

    Shannon used the transferable skills she gained during her degree to give her a strong foundation for future career opportunities. Following her degree she traveled for several months before starting in a Graduate Scheme at IBM, the largest technology and consulting employer in the world, before moving into the Graduate Recruitment Team. 

    Her first role was in technical pre-sales business operations, which allowed her to work across Europe in many high-pressured and fast-paced situations. Her role in the Graduate Recruitment Team requires Shannon to lead the School Leavers and Undergraduate Recruitment Team and work with bright, enthusiastic young professionals whilst being closely linked with the top-level strategic plans of the business.

    I have been told I work 'outside of the box' and I think this falls back directly to my degree, along with many other corporate skills such as teamwork, adaptability, attention to detail etc. I am able to relate to candidates that are not studying a standard 'business discipline', talking to them about my experience within IBM. In the last year I have been heavily involved in a Global Project to implement a new Recruitment System into the business, although I am not a technical employee I have not avoided getting hands-on with the software; although not my area of expertise, the technical exposure in my degree has made me confident in a technical environment.

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